After leaving Louisville, Kentucky I drive over to the Omni Hotel in Nashville Tennessee and find free street parking thanks to my friend Mark and I head on to the brand new Omni Hotel. It is about 1 year old.

I contact my friend/ex-co-worker Drew and get a key from him. He is generous and allowing me to stay a night with him until I formally check in – the following day. Thanks for saving me $350!! I stop by the staff office and enjoy the scene that I used to participate in many times for the past 13 years. It is what I like to call organized chaos. Everyone is busy and focused on the task at hand.

I run into my two favorite people of mine, my homeboy, fellow chapter brother and friend Todd Denson, and the Grand Historian, wise man, and dear friend Bob McCully. Time for a selfie. I love these guys!!

I walk around and check out the ballroom where the AV is being setup and say hi to my good friend Joe Ditto and Chandler. (Didn’t take pictures – dammit).

Talk to my old roommate Ben and he lays out the Chapter designations for voting delegates.

Alex getting some personal one on one time with founder Hopkins.

I walk around and run into Carl Berry and Bob McCully.

Get pictures with Michael Grant and Jason Dooley.

And Chris Graham… watching this guy recite the Creed is emotionally moving.

Later in the evening a few of us go to the local steak house Bob’s for dinner

Just Bob, Jason, Neil, Carl and myself.

The steak dinner was delicious and filling. Carl was extremely generous and picked up the tab for the entire table. His generosity is better than my scrumptious dinner.

After dinner Bob, Jason and I headed to the hotel bar Barlines. We were planning to meet up with the other attendees who got in a day early.

The young man actually had to dish out his driving license.

Can’t believe he got carded by the bouncer.

Live music is playing in Nashville … as usual.

I love reunions with Great People, Great Brothers and a Great Fraternity. LHT!

Including a reunion with Chris Healy from the West Coast (shouldn’t be too hard to identify).

Expenses: $109.58
Kentucky Derby Museum: $24.00
Lunch: $11.43
Muhammed Ali Museum: $9.00
Parking: $2.75
Gas: $15.44
Beverages: $49.96 (What was I thinking??)