The previous night at dinner, Tim tells me that he may need my assistance at Grand Chapter. When I get up in the morning I get a call from Joe asking me to come down and learn the mechanics of the board.

After training with Joe, Chris and I run some tests to make sure we have all our ducks in a row.

The Business Session begins. Now I am at play, orchestrating a small part of Grand Chapter for one shift. I feel at home behind the controls. Nothing has changed.

After the business session is over, I meet up with Kevin (my roommate) and we head over to the dining hall where were are served lunch,

All of us at the table have to stare at the dessert placed on the table before our salad and entree arrive. Ugh! Excruciating punishment. Can we have dessert first, then the salad and then the entree?

But finally we get the salad, and then the entree.

After lunch we go back to the business sessions. Fortunately I don’t have to work it this time, but I kind of do miss it.

After the last business session for the day, I run into an ex-coworker and fraternal brother Steve and his wife Lucy at an alumni event and they invite me out to dinner.

We go away from downtown Nashville to a Sushi and Thai restaurant, and they are generous to take me out for some delicious sushi dinner with some of their friends. I really appreciate the dinner Steve and Lucy. It helps extend my travels just a little bit more especially with the huge chunk of cash I had to drop on car maintenance. So thank you sooo much!

We head back to the hotel and then it is bedtime for me.

Expenses: $0.00 That was a good day