Wake up and head down to the first Business Session for the day. I sit behind the camera guy and decide to take a shot of the room from his perspective.

As the business session continues I notice a past staff intern Audie (AJ). We hang out and chat a bit about what each other are up to.

Later I get recognized for 12.5 years of service. Technically it was 12.75 – just saying. Drew great job on the resolution. Your sense of humor is sprinkled all over it.

Video 1: Recognition video

Video 2: Acceptance Speech

That was one of the most exciting moments of my life. I have never introduced myself as Alsten Tauro from Lambda Lambda at Nicholls State on the floor of the Grand Chapter convention. I guess now it is entered in the book for life. THRILLING. And it only took “12.75 years” to achieve. I am blessed.

Then it is lunch time.

More teasing desserts before the entree.

Finally the entree.

I run into David from LSU, a guy who made Honey Badger koozies.

After the business session is over, I head out into the hall way.

Notice Michael Jaszczak explaining his new paintings of the Creed of Sigma Nu.

Later that evening I attend an alumni event and run into a past staff Mike who lives in Nashville. We catch up on old times and current times. Great seeing him around.

And then I run into another staff intern John who did a lot of graphic design work for us.

Next stop the auction at Sold… for Sigma Nu!

The card that was signed by Judge Hearn III who coined the phrase “Obligation to Excellence.” and Regents Charlie Eitel and Robert Durham promote the bidding.

Later that evening after the auction, some of us at the auction head to the local hotel bar Barlines again for some drinks.

It was a very fun evening.

Expenses: $23.65
Beverages: $23.65