I had a good time last night. Went to the business session in the morning, and then took a break and walked to Dunkin Donuts with Matt and Suzy to get some treats.

Matt is excited.

Suzy likes to just pose with her donut.

No questions asked. This hungry boy just digs in!

Later for lunch many of us go downtown to Broadway. We walk around and the restaurants are packed for lunch.

Dooley is hungry and getting silly.

Decisions, decisions!?!

Finally we pick to try Baileys and they have empty tables. Lots of them.

It is wide and spacious

We grab and take over an entire row.

Matt is thirsty and grabs a drink

And the appetizers starts pouring out thanks to quick thinking Tim Huerta (seated at the head of the table in the pics)

I was too hungry to take pictures of the others that came in. After consuming many appetizers I am full. Thank you Tim again for the appetizers.

We find out that the person serving us just started today and we are her first table.

We ask for our checks and she messed up our orders. Understandable for her first time. She huddles back with her staff and attempts to get it resolved.

Meanwhile I take pics of the bar.

30-40 mins later we are still waiting for the entire table to be settled.

She must have walked back and forth maybe 40 times because she kept fixing orders over and over and also charged people the wrong amounts after the handed their credit cards with the correct bill. $13.13 is not $31.13. Oops! This is more than just a problem with it being her first day … poor thing.

Finally we all get back to the hotel. Quick nap time for me and then dress up for the Regents Reception following by the Grand Chapter Banquet.

At the Regents Reception I get the opportunity to take pictures with some of my favorite people.

Past Vice Regent Tony Marable:

Grand Historian Bob McCully (and future Hall of Honor inductee)

Past Regents EG White and Don Densborn. Great men and great leaders of the Fraternity.

Past Grand Historian Mike Grant

Stellar Division Commander Bruce Roullard.

Jeremy LaCombe, Dave Mainella and Jamison Keller.

And Regent Charlie Eitel.

Finally we head over to the banquet hall.

I find my table of North Dakota, California and Mississippi members – about as diverse you can get geographically.

One again… they tease us with dessert before the entrees. Grrrr! But at this point I’m conditioned to it.

After our salads we get our entrees

… and then the show begins.

After the banquet everyone is walking around greeting others and taking pictures. This is the last moment before we see each other for a couple of years or more.

Past staffers Patrick Bobo and current staff Nick Murphy.

Division Commander Andrew Crain

Steve and Lucy Ratterman

The super cool Elise Densborn

World backpacking bros pic with ex staffer and fellow traveler Chris Healy.

With Past Regent Jim Cherry

New Vice Regent Maury Gaston

My roommate Kevin Wu

My past roommate Ben Nye and my past co-worker Chris Brenton.

My favorite AV & tech buddy and friend: Joe Ditto.. He was breaking down the AV equipment so that he could drive tomorrow.

After the banquet everyone hits the local hotel bar Barlines. I have to get up early so after a drink or two I head back to the room. Have to drive 8-9 hours to Milwaukee tomorrow.

End to a wonderful 66th Grand Chapter in Nashville, Tennessee, I cannot wait for the 67th Grand Chapter in San Diego, California.

Expenses: $8.88
Dunkin Donuts: $1.00
Beverages: $7.88