Bill and I head out to Baraboo, Wisconsin

On the way there we talk about our lives and how we know our mutual friend Ellie and everything about her. (Just kidding Ellie). Talking makes us hungry so we decide to open a bag of chips and some hummus and dig in. Team effort while driving.

We get to Baraboo and the International Crane Foundation which is a sanctuary for cranes.

Buying tickets.

Our tour guide Ben giving us excellent information on cranes.

He walks us around and shows us a few exhibits and talks about the birds.

The Blue Crane. Crane mate for life. They tag the male with a ring on the right leg. Females have it on the left leg. Boys are right, girls are left. “Boys are right” 🙂

A South African coin where the blue crane is the national bird. Proud enough to put it on a coin.

After our introductory tour Bill and I walk around the other exhibits and see the other various species of cranes. There are 15 different species in total. Read more here.

We head off to the Whooping Crane exhibit.

These cranes are allowed to live in the wild.

A Love Story
between George and a female Whooping Crane (Tex). George wanted to save the whopping crane since they are endangered species. Tex was the only whopping crane they had, so he spent 5 years with the crane pretending to be a crane, and the female whooping crane eventually came to love George and they became a pair. Tex was then artifically inseminated and bore offspring and a species was saved.

Read more here.

The other parts of the Whopping Crane exhibit.

We continue to walk around the area on the trails. An outlook post to the conversation areas that are not public and also a view into the prairie and trail paths.

We find a path and start walking.

After a short trail walk we decide to head over to the Pewits Nest State Natural Area.

We are at a cliff and we can see the stream down below

We are pretty high up there.

Diving zone for the adventurous. I sooo want to jump into the water.

Time to head back to the house. I need a nap and Bill has to meet up with a few people at an event.

Expenses: $19.00
2 Tickets for ICF: $19.00