Woke up early and headed to Madison, WI.
All today I could only think of how grateful I am for my journey and for the friendships I made over the years. My friend Ellie in Lexington, Virginia knew someone in Madison, Wisconsin and connected me to him for a place to stay for the night. When you are hustling and looking for places to stay daily instead of renting a room these acts of kindness and friendship make the world of difference.
I arrive at Madison and see the Capitol Building in the distance.

I talked with Ellie’s friend, Bill on the previous night and he gives me some suggestion of places to visit while he finishes up work. One of them is to visit the Capitol Building and go to the observation deck to see the entire city of Madison.

The colors

The dome of the Capitol.

Trying to find the elevator or stairs to the dome.

Took the elevator up to the fourth floor and then these stairs to the overlook.

I see light.

The views.

The views from the dome to the floor.

Replica Freedom Bell.

After my visit to the Capitol Building I head over to a local coffee shop for coffee and blogging.

And then at noonish I finally meet up with Ellie’s friend Bill and we hit it off well. We are like peas and carrots.
We head over to Baraboo, Wisconsin to see a crane sanctuary at the International Crane Foundation. Read more about our experience here.
After coming back Bill has an event to attend. I eat some non friend cheese curds and take a nap.

After waking up I head out around town. Bill and Ellie both suggested that I check out the UW Terrace located at the Memorial Union. My Kelly also suggested it so I walk towards there.

In University of Wisconsin – Madison territory.

It is getting dark. Great view of the Capitol Building from afar.

The University of Wisconsin Memorial Union.

Entrance and use is only for members. Thankfully I have a member card from someone. Not telling you who!!

The view of the terrace and Lake Mendota.

The sun is beginning to set and people are congregating acquiring their spots.

I walk to the end of the pier.

More pictures of the pending sunset.

And the terrace.

I walk by a Brat Stand and order a Brat and some beer.

Had to show ‘my membership card’ and did.

Found a spot to watch the sunset with my treats.

Some people near moved so I got even closer.

And now it begins

I walk back to the house.

But then decide the night is too young, so I head out for a drink and conversation at a local dive bar Echo.

I meet my bar neighbors Todd and Kate, locals from Madison who I have a great conversation with.

I bounce around to another drive bar: Genna’s Cocktail Lounge.

Order a porter and talk to the people beside me again.

Bill mentions he is back at home from his event so I walk back to the house passing by the Capitol Building lit up in the night.

Off to Minneapolis tomorrow to see my friend Dan.
Expenses: $73.54
Gas: $39.00
Coffee: $2.37
Dinner: $10.95
Beverages: $15.22
Beverages: $6.00