Got up and left Shirish’s apartment to head to downtown Milwaukee. He lives in a wonderful apartment complex.

Any apartment complex that has a fountain with pretty flowers is good in my book.

I head over to the Harley Davidson Museum.
The bike structure in the front of the museum

I get a ticket.

And begin the museum adventure.

Harley Davidson chapters all over the world.

Old bikes from 1900s to present.

The first one.

And the others that followed

Other museum exhibits

Have you ever heard of Motorcycle Polo?

The bike that never was. The government cancelled the order.


Toys! Get them hooked when they are young.

International sales.

The Shed: the first home of Harley.

Another exhibit showcases the various parts and engines.

Walkway to the restoration area

Up the elevator


Restored bikes

Restoration parts… many of them.

I go back down the elevator to the bottom level.

Terminator 2: “I’ll be back”

Every piece of the harley can be customized.

Captain America


The power of nature and how it can degrade a bike

Harley turns 100 in 2003 and gets their employee signatures.

More bikes.

Automated machinery used for Harley production

The new models for you to sit down and look like a badass.

Don’t mess with this!

Being goofy

After leaving the Harley Museum, I head over to a coffee shop that Shirish recommended: Colectivo Coffee.

I like how every size coffee cup has a different noticable color.

I order some coffee and food and begin some much needed catching up with the blogs.

Then I notice they make lattes with almond milk. I love almond milk.

So I decide to get one.

I decide to drive around town and go to a local brewery in the area.

The closest brewery is Lakefront Brewery.

Got myself a sampler.

I head on downstairs and outside by the river front – and strike up a conversation with new people Bill and Miranda (seen in the picture below)

The views of the riverfront.

Row row row, your boat … all this exercise watching makes me thirsty.

After the brewery I head back to the house. Chat with Shirish some, grab some take out dinner and go to bed. Short drive to Madison tomorrow – excited about meeting a friend of a friend and participating in a new adventure.

Expenses: $51.16
Harley Museum: $18.00
Coffee: 10.34
Coffee: $4.02
Beverages: $8.00
Dinner: $10.80