Wake up in the AM and have some light breakfast. Haven’t had cereal for years but love raisin bran.

Bill has been an excellent host. We hit it off right away. Had a wonderful adventure and learning experience and the International Crane Foundation, and he (and Ellie and Kelly) also gave me tips on what to check out in Madison. I wish I could spend one more day hanging out with Bill but the road calls. Ellie, thank you for the intro, it was an absolute pleasure getting to know Bill.

If you need someone to do unique interior design hit Bill up. He owns his own business: Caryer Ryan Beaudreau (crbinteriors.com)

And now off to New Glarus Brewery and the little town of New Glarus called America’s “Little Switzerland”.

I arrive at New Glarus Brewery first. My friends Erik and Dan had recommend that I ABSOLUTELY MUST check it out.

Since it is in New Glarus everything looks a little Swiss

I walk around and notice the courtyard.

Then decide to go for a self guided walking tour

Nice reminder.


There are some of the beers New Glarus Brewing Company makes… and they are ONLY SOLD in Wisconsin. Demand for them elsewhere is high.

Beer soap?

Back out to the courtyard to look around.

Thew view is amazing.

Time for some tasting.

As I am waiting in line for beer, the mother in a family approaches me and asks me if I am a Sigma Nu. I am wearing a t-shirt with the Sigma Nu letters. I am, and then she introduces me to her son standing right beside her who is a current student at North Carolina State University. I ask Charlie if he knows Christopher (one of my past co-workers) and he does. I text Christopher and we all have a laugh about the randomness of two Sigma Nus living in North Carolina and Virginia meeting in a brewery in a tiny town in Wisconsin.

Time for some more samples.

Staff testing the quality of the beer.

I start talking to another group of people around me: Jenny, Krystle, and Allison while I enjoy my beverages

Time to see America’s little Switzerland.

But first I go to the store downstairs

To pick up a 6 pack for my friend Dan.

A short drive away from the brewey and I enter the town of New Glarus. I love the Swiss Architecture.

They even spelled Chiropractor differently.

I park and walk through New Glarus

Walk though a small store.

And really really want to get some chocolates. Look at the assortment of Tolberones.

Finally I decide to eat a meal. The first restaurant I have been told about by people in the Brewery is excellent but pricy and they have a long wait, so I decide to go to the one next door (Sportsman’s Bar and Grill) that has a lunch special for $5.99. Can’t beat that pricing.
The place has a dive bar feel

Simple food, but filling.

Someone really likes horseshoes here.

I hit the road and off to Minneapolis to see my friend Dan. I notice the rock structure along the way. I am feeling a little sleeping (probably food coma kicking in) so I decide to stop by take a nap first and then take pictures.

After a short nap, it is picture time.

So that is what is it called Castle Rock, once at the bottom of a glacial lake.

Okay, now off to really really see Dan.

Expenses: $22.19
Beverages: $7.00
6 pack: $8.44
Lunch: $6.75