Finally arrive at Daniel’s home. And we celebrate re-union’s and my first time in Minnesota with a beer.

I don’t feel like doing anything today. It was a long drive and I’m exhausted. So Dan and I decide to stay in a celebrate some more with his rendition of an Old Fashioned.

Oh boy. This is going to be a FUN night.

Later we get hungry, and decide to go out for some Pho. I’ve never tried it and Dan says this place (Lotus To Go Go) is good.

Dan orders some rolls.

My bowl of Pho.

Pho is absolutely delicious. Can’t believe I had to go to Minneapolis to try it out.

We head back home. My belly is FULL. Seriously full. I cannot eat or drink anymore. Time to kill time and get some Grand Chapter blogs in and then it is time for bed.

As I am preparing I noticed that my right eye has continued to be red and irritating me throughout the day. I take my contacts out and just hope it gets better tomorrow.

Dan took the day off tomorrow to personally show me around Minneapolis. What a great guy, friend and fraternity brother!

Expenses: $10.41
Dinner: $10.41