I got up at  10:45 AM and drove. It is going to be a long drive from Fargo, North Dakota to Spearfish, South Dakota.
But the views and weather were pretty even though it relatively looked the same.

My foster parents Mike and Sharyn recommended that I stop by in Mitchell, South Dakota and drive by to see the Corn Palace. It is basically a structure that is layered in corn on the outside. Now that I scratched that off my bucket list.

The beautiful and colorful drive continues

Until I get to the Badlands National Park.

Fortunately I have an annual pass so I don’t have to pay a fee.

I stop at the first scenic viewing post.

They are just amazing.


Begin the drive down hill

To get an up closer view

Up and down hill we go, where we stop nobody knows. (Actually it is on the map)

I caught this before I attempted a panorama.

The sun is beginning to set. Hope you noticed that from the shades of the other pictures

This was an amazing view to watch the sun go down on a clear sky.


Just after the sun when down.

Now it is off to Wall Drug. If you have ever driven in South Dakota, there is a Wall Drug sign EVERYWHERE you drive. They do some serious advertising. After seeing so many signs you are just compelled to stop in just to say you’ve been there. It is a very forced touristy thing to do… and I shamelessly admit it worked on me.

I walk around and see some pictures on the wall.

I stop by the Cactus Saloon, because I am starving at it is close to 9 PM. I guess the Wall Drug signs got some of my money now.

Definitely a country bar where I feel out of place.

Interesting sketch on the wall. It is in regards to telling a score in baseball. Can you interpret it?

Here is a better view.

The bartenders are working HARD at the pool table instead of the bar.

Finally my food comes out.

The burger was not that good. But it is sufficient to get me through the next day.

Time to hit the road and get to Spearfish, South Dakota. I have a 1.5 hr drive. It is late and I’m getting tired.

My friend Dan in Minneapolis, MN has a fraternity brother from his chapter in Spearfish so Bob welcomed me (a total stranger – yet fraternity brother) in his home. I am grateful. It is always nice to have a place to stay when you are traveling. Bob is out to a concert so he left the door unlocked for me.

I finally arrive in Spearfish at 12 AM, shower, relax a little and hit the bed at 2 AM. I’m ready for a long night’s sleep … so I thought!

Expenses: $76.55
Gas: $30.00
Lunch: $6.42
Gas: $29.00
Dinner: $11.13