I head out in the AM when Dan has to go to work, and make the trek to Fargo. Lots of almost open road and fields of green.

Finally get into town and meet up with my couchsurfer Jeffrey. Within a few moments we hit it it off and we are like peas and carrots. Jeffrey has to promote a conference in Fargo so we get a stack of posters to post on the various locations around town – and I get my downtown tour of Fargo.

Local art work.

They have a TED X event going on at the famous Fargo theater.

We start hanging signs up, first around the coffee shop, and then the men’s bathroom and now the women’s. The lady behind us is from Ted X also hanging signs in the bathroom.

Three of us in a women’s bathroom… hopefully there is no one in the line outside when they see the three of us walk out together.

The we stop by a popsicle (ice lolly) stand: Gigi’s Ice Lollies.

I get an orange ‘lolly’ for myself and Jeffrey.

Shit is delicious, and even has some peel of the orange in there.

Since we just had dessert we decide a lunch is due. We head over to one of the popular food trucks called Taco Brothers.

Seriously guys… it is Real Mexican food .. and Real Good.

Just ask the guy with the knife. Yes, same guy in the picture … with the bandanna.

 That is my delicious Real Mexican lunch

We head on over back to the house and relax for a bit.

Around 6 PM we head off to a local Irish Pub for Trivia night: Dempsey’s Public House.

Place reminds me of the Palms when they used to serve free popcorn with your beer.

Jeffrey and I get ready for trivia night.

And so it begins.

Our animated group picture.

A second picture because Jeff wasn’t looking.

Some of my team mates.

Do you know the answer to this question?

Holy Sheet, we WON! We WON Trivia Night.

And I got to pick a check for $30.00

After the beers we need some food in our belly. So we head back to the same Taco truck. REAL Mexican, REAL good.

And then to a dive bar called Empire Tavern.

Seriously divey place. And they take only cash.

And we use the $30.00 for a round of drinks

Blue ones. The mixed drinks here are high on the alcohol volume.

I get all the popular favorites

Yes and some water.

And then we head out to an after party somewhere downtown, where Jeffrey and I enjoy the night away and return back home around 4 AM. I’m physically not cut out for this, but Fargo and hanging out with Jeffrey was soooo much fun. I don’t think I could have picked a better host to couchsurf with. Hoping all my future couch surfing experiences are as much fun!

Expenses: $80.35
Gas: $30.00
Ice Lollies (Popsicles): $6.00
Lunch: $7.50
Beverages: $12.85
Dinner: $6.50
Beverages: $11.50