Soon after leaving the Crazy Horse Memorial, I hit the road and drove down to Wyoming. This part of Wyoming was quite boring to drive through, but there were a few moments of beauty. 

Whoa never seen a speed limit of 80 before.

So I indulge.
I finally get to Cheyenne, and meet up with Andy. Andy is a chapter brother of Bill who I met briefly during my time at Sigma Nu Staff and will hang out with in Portland. Bill contacted Andy for me, told him what I was doing and Andy offered me a place to stay for the night. Both great guys!

Andy was on the night shift and had to head back to work. So I headed out to downtown and checked out the local spots.

Cheyenne is really really tiny. Not my cup of tea for sure. Using the Yelp App I find a restaurant to go to have some dinner: Sanford’s Pub and Grub

And order the Cajun chicken burger. Suprisingly good!

And some local IPA. The Wyoming coaster came with it :-).

As I finish dinner and walk back to the car I see a coffee shop closing down that looks interesting: The Paramount Cafe. I love their signs.

I head back to the house after Andy’s shift is over and we just hang out and talk. He introduces me to some awesome jelly beans he got from Germany (when he was stationed there). Shit is delicious.

The long drive to Cheyenne tires me quickly. In no time I decide I need to hit the air mattress waiting for me. Have to get up early and drive to Lincoln, Omaha – where a friend’s friend’s cousin’s friend hooked me up with a place to stay. People are so giving and I’m so grateful for it.

Expenses: $25.92
Beverages: $8.26 (6 pack of Shocktop)
Dinner: $17.66