The drive from Wyoming through Nebraska was filled with fields and the occasional city in the distance.

After a long drive I finally get to Lincoln.

Since I got into town a little earlier than expected I decided to stop by a local coffee shop in the area: The Mill in College View. I love YELP for speeding up the process.

 Get some food and catch up with some blogging with a vegan wrap and almond milk latte.

 Around 7 PM I head over to my hostesses home.

Earlier in the week I had posted a fb status update saying I needed a place to stay in Nebraska – either in Lincoln or Omaha. My friend Justin recommended me to contact his friend Paul for help. So I did. Paul sent out a blast via his fb status and got his cousin Ashley intrigued to help and Ashley contacted one of her friends Jill in Lincoln to volunteer host me for a day.

When I showed up to Jill’s place it felt like home: her garden has a variety of plants and is beautiful.

Caution ladies!

Jill invites a few friends over, makes me a meal, and we all converse and share stories. What a wonderful group of people and great conversation. Could not ask for a better Lincoln experience. Left to right: Jill (hostess), Lora, Bob, McClain and Karalyn.

More food … Yaay!!! After a long day of driving.

And then a nice drink of rhubarb something that was absolutely delicious and strong.

After dinner, I over loaded on some vitamin C and fruit because I felt a cold coming. All this daily driving, weather fluctuations and maybe that bad almond milk latte I had at The Mill coffee shop. Least their sandwich was good.

Jill was so kind to make me some special herbal tea just for colds.

Then it was time for bed. What a wonderful day with total strangers that made me feel at home and like family. Such great experiences on this road trip across America.

Expenses: $47.88
Gas: $33.32
Coffee: $1.08
Lunch/Coffee: $13.48