I wake up, get some blogs done. Text my fellow road warrior/traveler Sam to see if he is ready to head out at the same time. He needs more time, so I guess I am flying solo today. The plan is to drive first to Mount Rushmore, then Crazy Horse Memorial and then Cheyenne, Wyoming.

As I drive towards Mount Rushmore, I pass through the town of Deadwood and see this sign, and immediately feel a calling.

Moments later.

I head out through Black Hills National Forest and pass by Lake Sheridan.

Eventually get to the first build up of the Mount Rushmore vehicle line: full of buses, cars, TVs, and vans

To visit Mount Rushmore is free. Parking is $11 but it is a year pass, so if you come back again within the year you can park for free. Finally park and walk through the first gates

And there it is. A little smaller than I thought but still cool to see.

The main artist and sculptor: Gutzon Borglum

The Mount Rushmore Workers.

Walking through the flags of various states.

And the panoramic view at the top

Close ups

The amplitheater below

Just proof that I was there… although this could be a photoshopped image.

Walking around the museum.

Historical video of Mount Rushmore

More exhibitions

Famous quotes from the Presidents.

 I get museum burn out from too much information and then I get out to walk on the Presidential Trail.

The trail travelers closer to the monument and provides various angles to viewing their faces.

Another exhibit on the trail.

I exit out of the trail and head back to the car. But first get a few panorama shots of the surround area from the top of the parking garage.

On the drive away from Mt. Rushmore towards Crazy Horse I see other granite surfaces behind the head(s).

A short drive later I am at Crazy Horse Memorial.

Pay another $11.00 to get in but this memorial is huge compared to Mount Rushmore and still a work in progress.

I walk in through the Welcome Center.

First stop is the theater production about Crazy Horse.

Then comes the exhibits

And the rest of the American Indian Museum.

Outside the exhibits but still in the Welcome Center is the miniature piece showing what the end result should be.

And finally a view from the Welcome Center.

All zoomed in

I got back in side, wander around and find The Birth of Crazy Horse.

After that I decide it is time to head over to Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Truth be told I enjoyed the Crazy Horse Memorial more than Mount Rushmore National Memorial. However the exhibits and trails of Mount Rushmore were much more appealing.

Expenses: $63.13
Gas: $30.13
Breakfast: $11.00
Parking: $11.00 (Mount Rushmore)
Crazy Horse: $11.00