Woke up early around the time Darin left for work. Cannot thank him enough for couchsurfing and being a great host. Drove from Des Moines, Iowa, and through Nebraska into Colorado.
Driving through Iowa.

Stopped a scenic view post.

Noticed the The Great Platte River Road Archway. A tourist trap that I wanted to participate in, but decided against it.

Driving through Nebraska.

Since it is a long distance haul that is going to take more than one gas tank load, I decide log the odometer (before and after) to see how much I can get out of one tank (13.2 gallons).

Finally have to stop in Colorado when I’m almost out of fuel. Total distance is 474 miles on one gas tank which is approximately 35.9 mpg. Not bad.

Fill up and then drive into Denver. Park at my Bill’s apartment and walk to a nearby coffee shop: Beet Box Bakery.

And order some coffee and some beet brownies. Yes, they actually have beets in them – so I guess they are ‘sort of’ healthy for you.

Bill texts me when he heads home from work (on his bike). I know Bill because he was my account manager from CDW when I worked for Sigma Nu. We discovered we both were Saints fans and our friendship grew. Gotta thanks the Saints and Sigma Nu for that one.

When I arrive he shows me the place and I get the first view of the city of Denver from his rooftop.

Later that evening, Laura (Bill’s girlfriend) comes by and we all chill on the rooftop. Fantastic weather and sunshine in Denver.

Scooby (their dog) needs a walk so Bill and I head out. I’ve been in a car all day so my legs could use some exercise.

Later that evening we head on downstairs for a party that their downstairs neighbors (Curtis and Tish) are throwing. It is Tish’s birthday and Curtis is holding the cupcake below with everyone singing Happy Birthday to her.

Amazing homemade Lemon Meringue cupcakes.

Bill, Laura and I at the party. Two of my favorite people. Love hanging out with them.

One wine drink in and half a plate of food and I’m full and nauseated at the same time. There is the altitude sickness. I sit down on the couch and just relax drinking lots and lots of water.

Later in the evening (after I’m feeling much better – all that water) Bill breaks out the bourbon. And I introduce them to something I learned on the bourbon tour in Louisville. How the glass that you drink bourbon from can enhance the bourbon drinking experience.

We all head on to the rooftop and enjoy great conversation, and the lights of the city of Denver.

I feel at home with them. Such great people! Can’t wait to see what is in store for the next couple of days – in the city of Denver.

Expenses: $58.43
Coffee: $1.75
Gas: $14.00
Gas: $37.01
Snacks: $5.67