Got up in the morning early, and headed to get my car serviced: oil change and a tune up.

Then headed over back to the house to get some scrambled egg and salmon breakfast courtesy of Chef Byrnes.

Nom nom nom.

Enjoyed some play time with Scooby. He is sooo adorable.

After Bill and Laura head out to work, I walk around the outskirts of the downtown area.

And head over to a local the coffee shop: Crema Coffee House that Bill had suggested.

Made a new friend Faith who is a local artist and gave me some suggestions of things to do and places to see in Denver. She makes art from used credit cards. Visit her site:

I realized that I don’t like this coffee shop primarily because they don’t have outlets. My laptop battery is running low and I need to charge up to blog. So I head on home, rest and blog, and rest and blog, pick up my car, and then continue blogging.

Later that evening after Bill and Laura get home from work, we head out for dinner.

At one of their favorite restaurants: Steuben’s.

Goofy panoramas

Trying out some Moscow Mule for the first time.

And then some delicious food: trout amandine, vegetarian chili relleno and chicken pot pie.

After dinner we head over to Red Rocks Amphitheater for the Amos Lee concert. I haven’t heard of Amos Lee, so I bought his latest album two weeks ago and kept it on loop as I drove. I’ve learned to appreciate his music and like it.

There is a line – of course there is. The show is SOLD OUT!

We finally park. Maybe we should take the trails.

Nah. We got into a shuttle that is taking us to the top. No need to walk there..

Finally near the top.

After the obligatory pictures pre-concert we head on in.

Red rock setup.

The top level

And the view from there.

The red rocks (lighted) on the sides.

And the concert begins. We find a spot on the side since we cannot find any empty seats in the general aisle.

The Amos Lee concert with the Colorado Symphony in the background. And the various stage lighting.

What a fantastic experience. After the concert a bunch of people leave. Bill, Laura and I head to the center and wait for the possible encore.

And sure enough, it happens.

After the concert, the massive crowd departs.

We are feeling the munchies so we decide to get some staple you-must-have-this-when-you-are-in-Denver pizza: Fat Sully’s pizza at the Atomic Cowboy.

While we wait for our take out pizza.

Wish I had taken a picture of the entire pizza, but OMG it was delicious, or perhaps that was my hungry state talking.

After our little post-concert snack, it is bed time. Tomorrow I am promised a new breakfast treat. Egg on pizza. Sounds gross, but I am always willing to try something TWICE. Nervously excited to try it tomorrow.

Expenses: $371.89
Concert Tickets: $50.00
Maintenance: $290.67
Coffee: $3.50
Dinner: $27.72