So for breakfast we are going to have eggs on Fat Sully’s pizza.

I’m a little cautious about how this combo is going to work, but it is delicious.

After breakfast we get our gear out for a hike.

Ready, Set, Go.

Time for a hike in the mountains.

Scooby is ready too.

Are we there yet?

Getting closer.

Finally arrive to Eldorado Canyon State Park.

Bill and Laura have an annual pass so free entry. Well, I guess you had to pay for the pass so technically not free… but free for me !!!

We park

And begin walking up the mountains.

Scooby is getting a little tired and hot.

Want a treat Scooby?

Which hand is it in?

The path is sometimes shady which is great.

And sometimes you encounter romance on the trail.

And a little more…

I even ran into a Sigma Nu from Indiana University (Beta Eta) because the girl he was walking with wore a Sigma Nu tee.

This reminded me and Laura about the La Sagrada Familia.

We get to a stopping point and enjoy the landscape.

You can actually see the City of Denver from here

Obligatory picture of the mountains and City of Denver in the background.

Bill stealing my pose.

A trail to a different view

And a view of snow capped peaks.

Poor Scooby is exhausted

Bill getting some sun and enjoying ‘the view’.

Caught in the act. 😛

Time to walk back Scooby.

Do I really have to?

Taking a break for Scooby.

Mom, Dad, Uncle Ali I’m tired.

Ok we will take turns and carry you.

Other hikers helping us out with water since we ran out. Carrying a 55 lb dog back up and down the trail ain’t easy.

Finally we get into our car and drive back to the city.

Interesting cars around

Mile High Stadium in the background.

After a quick shower, Bill and I are not tired so we head down to EPIC Brewing Company.

And grab some IPAs

Bounce to another brewery: River North and get some more beverages

Later that evening I meet up with a friend Chris and we head over to a rooftop bar called Lodi

Laura joins us too.

And we have some breakdancing talent around.

Later that evening, Bill, Laura and I bar hop to a bunch of different venues around the city and I get a feel for the nightlife of Denver. Fun evening with lots of good bars and stories.

Expenses: $77.78
Beverages: $13.50
Food: $50.28
Beverages: $14.00