Got up in the morning, ate some left over pizza at Jude, said goodbyes and drove to Avon, Colorado.

After a short 2-3 drive with beautiful Colorado scenery I arrived in Avon, parked my car and enjoy the view of the hills/mountains.

I meet up with my friend Elisa. She attended Washington & Lee University in Lexington when I was working there and we stayed in touch over the years through text and facebook. She is recently married so I got a chance to meet her husband Josh. She has the evening shift at work so she is preparing some crockpot dinner. Smelling good already.

And their two dogs

Such a baby… scratch my belly!

I try some of her fermented tea. Good but a little too tart.

And then we head out for lunch at Loaded Joe’s.

There is actually a menu item called ‘Man Candy’ which Elisa takes a liking to and orders.

I order the Colorado Lamb burger.

And it was delicious

Elisa’s ‘Man Candy’ looks good too.

The view inside the restaurant

The view outside with the mountains.

After a delicious lunch treat by Elisa and Josh – thank you for being so generous to me – we head back to the apartment. Josh helps to fix on one of Elisa’s dresser drawer face – or that is what it looks like to me.

All done. Elisa is happy to have a handy man in the house.

After she goes to work, Josh and I hang out at the apartment. I ask Josh if he knows how to assemble a tent since I’ve actually never done it before. I dig out my ‘dead man’s tent’ and he shows me how to put it together. It was quite easy but now that I know how to assemble it I won’t look like a fool trying to figure it out on the spot when I go to the campgrounds tomorrow.

Later in the afternoon we decide to be couch potatoes for a bit and watch a British movie: The Inbetweeners which is painfully fully (warning it is gross too – but hilarious) and then later go fly fishing.

Actually Josh is the one fly fishing… I’m the one watching while dangling my feet over the water.

Josh gets a little serious and gets in the water.

He almost catches two fish over time but they seems to break away. Probably the result of my feet dangling in and over the water.

After our fly fishing trip we head back home and rent a Redbox movie: 12 Years a Slave and then it is bed time. 
I had every intention of blogging at Avon but I just couldn’t make myself do it. It was sooo good to spend time with Elisa and great to hang out and have guy time with Josh that blogging totally skipped my mind. Sorry folks.

Expenses: $6.37
Redbox: $3.25
Snacks: $3.12