In the morning we (Bill, Laura and I) head out to a place called Highlands for bunch. The first place Lola is packed and crowded. There is a wait.

So we go to the next restaurant called Vita. There is hardly anyone there.

We head to the rooftop.

And it is empty except for us and another table of two women.

It is hot and fortunately there are some mist devices up on the roof to keep our bodies very cool.

We start of with some orange juice – excuse me – some mimosas.

And then I get the vegetarian benedict. It is delicious.

Later on we start talking to the other table near us and we invite them over to join us and meet Jenn from California and Allison from Chicago. Bill and Laura moved to Denver from Chicago too so we bond and make friends. It also turns out that Bill and Laura and Jen have a friend in common.

After bunch we go back home. I pack up the rest of my gear and we head out to a park: Cheesman Park relax and enjoy the weather, sun, and peace of the park.

A picnic in the park has to have cheese and crackers.

It quickly approaches 5 PM and I have to head out to Longmont to see Jude a friend from college. I say my goodbyes to Bill and Laura. They have been fantastic hosts and I have had a wonderful time in Denver. I’m seriously considering moving there. It is in my top three. Thank you Bill and Laura… you are amazing friends.

Expenses: $24.52
Lunch: $24.52