I head from Denver to Longmont. It was about an hour drive. I am excited because I get to see my friend Jude from Nicholls State. I graduated in 2001 and I haven’t seen him since – so basically it was about 13 years.
I get to his house, and see him and give him an instant hug. We are caught in the moment of him cooking so we decide to take a quick picture – hence him holding an egg with gloves on. 

He is hosting a BBQ at his house. So there is a lot of grilling outdoors and cooking inside.

Oh yesss… sausages wrapped in bacon.

Jude is excited about the corn.

I’m excited about the vegetables.

Meat is ready

Oooh dessert!

Jude and I grab a moment to chill and relax on the couch. Such an awesome guy.

At the BBQ, I meet Ryan and Amy we chat about my travels across the US. I ask them if they know any outdoor stores in the area where I can purchase a tent, and they mention they have a used one they can sell me for $20.00. The story is that someone Ryan was assisting passed away and he had a tent in his possession that the family gave away to him. So I guess I just purchased a dead man’s tent. The good news is that he didn’t die in it. Whew!

One of the other guys around has a bottle of Jamieson.

So Amy decides to try it.

Her facial reaction says it all.

And then there is playing frisbee with one of Jude’s dogs.

The food is ready. I go for the meats first. I plan to get the veges later but I am just so full.

Night falls and a few of the guests decide to play some night badminton.

It was so good to see Jude and meet his wife Tisha. The food was amazing. And company great. I wish I could eat more. It was surprising and wonderful to meet so many people from Louisiana who have moved down to Colorado. Denver has been great, Longmont and spending time with Jude was icing on the cake. Getting a dead man’s tent for $20.00 a few days before camping was perfect timing. Life is good.

Expenses: $20.00
Tent: $20.00