Left Avon, Colorado relatively early after saying bye to Elisa to drive to Moab, Utah. Below are the variety of views on the way to Arches National Park, in Moab, Utah.

Leaving “Colorful Colorado’.

Entering ‘Life Elevated Utah’.

And then I get to the red rocks of Moab.

Go to the Moab KOA campground. My first trip to a KoA

Check in.

And assemble the tent for the first time without assistance. First solo camping experience and first camping experience in the US commences.

My next door neighbor rolls by in a Toyota Corolla (like me). She was a government contractor from Virginia (like me) who lost her job and is unemployed (like me) taking a month off and traveling (almost like me – except my plan is for 6 months of US travel).

After a nice conversation with her it is time to head over to Arches National Park. My friend and Sigma Nu fraternity brother Bowen suggested I go visit Arches National Park when I was planning trip across America. I am glad I listened to him.

Checking out the Visitor’s Center.

And then I begin driving through the various attractions.

First up the Moab Fault line

I see some of the tall rocks

And then desert landscape

I stop at the Park Avenue Viewpoint to oversee the various landmarks.

Don’t remember what these are called

The big rock in the middle.

The three gossips 🙂

The rise and fall of an arch

Sheep Rock…. baaaaa

Ancient Sand Dunes/Petrified Dunes

The Great Wall. It seems small and that is because I’m not standing right in front of it.

One of my favorites the Balanced Rock.

The Garden of Eden

How Arches are Formed.

The Cove of Caves and Windows Section

Turret Arch

North and South Windows

Salt Valley

Fiery Furnace

Random rest stop that was flooded at the end of the section I’m in and then I have a decision to make.

Since it is about 5 PM and I’m starving I can drive to a local restaurant and get a quick dinner and then walk back to the Delicate Arch to watch the sunset or skip dinner until after the sunset. I decide dinner it is first. So I head to a local restaurant called Susie’s Branding Iron that the people of KoA recommended.

I get the chicken fried chicken with a salad for only $9.99.

I couldn’t finish it all. But it was really good. I highly recommend coming here to eat if you are visited Arches National Park.

I stop by the grocery store to get a 6 pack of beer and notice this: Polgamy Porter. Never seen this beer before. Ironic that the first time I see it is in Utah.

After the quick meal and the grocery store visit I head over to the Delicate Arch path. It is a 1.5 mile trek to the Delicate Arch and it is getting dark. The pictures have been lighted by the iPhone auto lighting feature.

The landscape on the way there

There it is ‘Delicate Arch’

Glad I am wearing black … so you can see the little stick figure of me.

The pit near the Delicate Arch

And now the sunset without the added iPhone lighting.

While there was a little light I head back quickly to the car. By the time I got to the car it was pitch black. Drove for 30 mins to the start of the Arches National Park and then another 10 mins to camp.

I shower and change for bed. My first camping experience commences. All I have in the tent is my sleeping back, my yoga mat, and my change of clothes for the next day. Time for a few beers and then bed.

Expenses: $122.18
Gas: $34.06
Coffee: $1.49
Campground: $54.38 (including Membership Card)
Dinner: $12.18
Snacks: $9.85
Beer opener: $10.22