Got up early and started the drive to Bryce Canyon National Park. Didn’t sleep very well since the yoga mat doesn’t provide enough of a cushion between my back and the hard ground. Note to self: invest in a larger mat before heading to the California National Parks.

Stopped by a scenic lookout to appreciate the view.

And then saw the beautiful pink Eagle Canyon..

Kept on going.

Such landscape variation in Utah.

Finally, I’m here at Bryce Canyon.

Get in for free with my National Parks Pass (otherwise it is $25.00. A National Parks Pass is $80.00)

I drive all the way to the end at Rainbow Point and then drive back down stopping along the way – which was suggested by the park newsletter.

Rainbow Point: This was probably the most beautiful view of the entire park. Absolutely breathtaking with its variety and colors. My friend and fraternity brother Bowen recommended that I visit Bryce Canyon National Park when I was planning my travels across the US. I am glad I listened to him. This view was worth it alone.

Yovimpa Point

Black Birch Canyon

Ponderora Point

Agua Canyon

Random crow at Agua Canyon

Natural Bridge … to compete with the one in LexVegas.

Farview Point

Swamp Canyon

Long drive to Inspiration Point – not too long but I stopped by to enjoy the view.

And appreciate and give thanks to my baby – the ‘AL1 BABA’ mobile for taking me everywhere.

Got to Inspiration Point

And walked up the three or four levels to the highest point. After Rainbow Point this was probably my favorite view.

Bryce Point (I’m sure you can read the image below … but I still want to point it out through writing). Don’t want to appear lazy but NOT WRITING in my blog.

Sunset Point

Sunrise Point. Yes forgot to take the picture of the main sign. Saawry.

Ready to head out. Saw some donkeys (or atleast I think they were) being led by a Ranger on horseback.
I leave the park and head over to a campground near Zion National Park.

Landscapes leaving Bryce Canyon National Park are beautiful.

I stop by a gas station because I NEED a sugar rush and I find some overpriced German Chocolate that I’ve never seen before in the US… so I buy it. Nom nom nom.

Finally get to Zion National Park and drive through it. I don’t take any pictures since I know I am going to be through there tomorrow. It is amazing – probably my favorite park in Utah so far.

I finally get to the St George KoA campground.

Check in at the KoA office

And get my tent setup, and talk to my neighbors. Time to relax, rest and enjoy a few left over beverages. One more day to sleep on the floor with limited cushioning.

Tomorrow I get up early and go to Zion National Park.

Expenses: $81.02
Gas: $34.18
Coffee: $1.79
Lunch: $9.98
Snacks: $7.43
KoA Campground: $24.98
Ice: $2.66