Woke up in the morning from the St. George campground and got some pancake breakfast for free. Actually it was probably included in the price but I definitely took advantage of it.
Then started the 40 min drive to Zion National Park.
Passed by the following scenery.

I enter Zion National Park and then parked at the visitor parking area. And got into the bus to head over to the Narrows. Very few cars are allowed into the adventurous areas of the park.

Finally get dropped off at the Temple of Sinawava.

Then walk on the 1 mile path to the narrows.

You can see the canyons ahead.

When I get to the narrows and the water it is amazing.

A little land here and there and then water and a small amount of rapids.

I love the panorama views.

A little water fall – sort of.

Obligatory picture.

I continue on walking.

I love how the water has shaped these rocks over the years.

I call this one The Zebra

The colors of the rocks through the sunlight are just amazing.

At this point I am tired of walking and wondering when I should turn around. The entire loop goes for 16 miles and is a two day trip.

As people come by and walk towards me in the opposite direction I ask them if they are coming from the waterfall and if they were then I ask them how much further. I get varied answers from 3 hours to 2 to 1 and sometimes 30 minutes. Of course everyone walks at a varied pace too.


After walking for 2.5 hours through the water ankle to knee deep and also one some dry land in water shoes I finally I get to the waterfall everyone has been talking about.

Just happy to be here and soaking it all in.

I talk to the Kasper family from California around me, and their friends and we are share the moment of the waterfall together.
Minute 1:36 Zion National Park. Thank you Tony.

After sticking around for 30 minutes of Waterfall Appreciation Day. I turn around and walk back the same way I came… but this time faster.

The lighting is definitely different and always changing because of the position of the sun.

I love it.

I’m getting closer because there is more people I am running into walking the opposite direction.

And finally I am at the end of the trail head. And now it will be a 1 mile walk to the bus.

Celebratory Picture

And the walk back.

I get to my car, and decide to drive through the rest of Zion National Park – the parts that you are permitted to drive through

Stuck in a line to get through the tunnel.

A 1 mile tunnel through the red rocks.

Finally out on the other side and view is different but still amazing.

Another one – but shorter. You can see the light at the end.

I love how the mountains are folded over each other.

Checkered rocks. We can probably play a life size game of checkers on it.

Finally I finish the drive and exit of out Zion National Park. I’m exhausted and ready to crash. I pull to the side of the road – and take a short nap. And then I continue the drive to Salt Lake City to see my friend Justin.

I arrive in Salt Lake City around 9 PM ish and hang out with Justin and his girlfriend Danielle at their apartment and then bed time calls.

Expenses: $42.88
Gas: $34.00
Dinner: $8.88 (Wendy’s – bad decision)