I say goodbye to Justin and Danielle and thank them for their hospitality. I head out towards Boise, Idaho but via Craters of the Moon National Park.
I pass by a city named Virginia. 

Running out of gas, I stop at the next gas station. Co-incidentally it happens to be in Fort Hall Indian Reservation. As I check out the lady at the counter asks me if I am planning to visit the Indian Festival. Moments later I see the ‘Native American’ Festival

It was a little boring to be honest. Perhaps I came at the wrong time but I have a long drive ahead of me to Craters of the Moon National Monument so I head out.

Read more about my trip to Craters of the Moon National Monument.

After leaving Crates of the Moon I drive to Boise and finally get there. I can see it in the distance.

One of my closest friends Ben who lives in Washington, DC is from Boise, Idaho. So he contacts his dad (Bruce) and hooks me up with a place to stay. Obligatory selfie.

Bruce takes me out to dinner at one of Ben’s favorite neighborhoods: Hyde Park. We dine at the 13th Street Pub and Grill.

I sample three of the local IPAs and then pick one.

Bruce recommends The Sherman: Flame-broiled Atlantic salmon, roasted red peppers, spinach, olive tapenade and herbed cream cheese.

Decision made and it was delicious.

We head back to the house, and I crash quickly. It has been a long long day of driving. I have no energy to blog even though I want to. Tomorrow I will attempt some blogging and check out Boise.

Expenses: $82.54
Gas: $37.65
Snacks: $4.68
Gas: $38.52
Snacks: $1.69