I sleep in a little longer than usual so I miss Bruce on his way to work. I head downtown towards the Flying Coffee House which Bruce and Ben recommended I visit.

The ambiance is great and I make a new friend in Hartley (girl in the white) who gives me great recommendations of places to visit in Boise. Cute and friendly 🙂

After a little blogging I head out to the Boise State University Stadium: Albertson’s Stadium to see that infamous blue field that is supposed to give the home team the advantage.

Then I head over to Hyde Park where I had dinner with Bruce yesterday and try Goody’s icecream.

I get the chocolate almond which Hartley recommended and like it. Not the best ice-cream I’ve ever had but pretty good.

I decide to sit outside and blog a little since the weather is great!

After a while I leave and drive to downtown Boise and walk around the capitol building and notice this statue: Hospitality of the Nez Perce.

A little more walking.

And I decide to try out the local beer at 10 Barrel Brewing Co.

Except that it is originally from Bend, Oregon and not Boise, Idaho but they do have a site at Boise. Oh, well I guess I can try Oregon beer in Idaho.

I get a sampler. I have pick between group 1 and 2 because they have 20 beers on tap, and 10 beers in their sampler. Geez!

Glad I got some food which was absolutely delicious: Snake River Farms Kobe Sando locally raised in nearby farms in Idaho.

I talk to the guy beside me, Glenn a local who moved to Chicago and back (twice). People over here are extremely friendly (more than the norm of small towns). Glenn gives me tips on Boise and places to visit and things to do if I were to move here.

After the 10 samples and the food, I walk around the city and visit another coffee shop: The District Coffee House.

I sit outside for a bit on their outdoor seating arrangement and rest my laptop on a tree stump.

Then I go inside because I really need a power outlet. My laptop battery is running low. I talk to one of the servers and she tells me that all the profits for the District Coffee House go to children in India. Wow!

After some blogging and laptop charging I call Bruce and we decide to meet up at the Boise Frying Co. My friend and fraternity brother Noah mentioned that I must try the burgers and fries there. So I walk from the coffee shop there.

As I am walking I notice this on the side way. The wave of leaves from the tree to the entrance of a building. NEAT!

And then I pass by the Capitol and take a picture.

I finally get there: Boise Fry Company.

They have 7 types of potato fries????

And more than 7 sauces that pair up differently based on what you order. They even give recommendations on the pairing unless you know what works or what to experiment yourself.

Bruce generously offers to pay for my Bison Burger and Purple Fries. Seriously the BEST burger and fries I have ever had. Then again they were cooked in duck fat.

Check out the napkin holder.

After those delicious burgers (great suggestion Noah) we head home. I have some housekeeping to do with laundry and some couchsurfing planning, and then I go to bed. I plan to wake up early and head out before Bruce goes to work in the morning.

Bruce you were an excellent host and thank you for the dinners. They definitely helped me lower the dent in my wallet and fund my travels a little longer. Ben, what would I do without you? You are an amazing friend. Cheers to you both. Noah … dude those burgers and fries were SIC! I’m salivating just thinking about it.

Boise was an unexpected surprise. I didn’t think driving in I would like it as much, but after talking to Bruce about the season weather, spending time downtown, talking to various locals, it appears to have shifted my opinion. I kind of like it … a lot.

Expenses: $40.30
Parking: $1.00
Coffee: $2.12
Icecream: $5.51
Lunch: $29.44
Coffee: $2.23