As I was driving towards Craters of the Moon I noticed the first overlook and stopped to see it. 
Took a couple of pictures

And then entered through the Monument entrance and through the Fee Area. Thankfully I have a National Parks Pass that gets me in with no charge. Otherwise it would be a $9.00 fee. Not expensive but every park or monument you hit up with ding you with charges and that adds up.

First stop is the North Crater Flow Trail.

And I walk the trail.

I love the solidified lava, but wish it was red and still moving. Obviously that would be dangerous but definitely exciting 🙂

I get back in the car and head over to Devil’s Orchard.

There is plant life at Devil’s Orchard. Crazy considering there is very little water.

There is even a bird in the tree. Can you see it?

I like this quote.

I get back in the car and drive by the Cinder Garden.

This is a little scarce on the cinders but I passed a large hill with lots of them. Unfortunately there was no parking. So you will have to live with this image.

And then I move on to the Inferno Cone Overlook.

A nice 0.4 mile uphill walk.

I’m close to the top.

The various views from the top of the Inferno.

A view of the parking lot from up here.

Proof I’m standing on the hill 🙂 Yes, it could be photo-shopped but it is not. You will have to take my word for it.

I move on to the Spatter Cones.

I wish I could climb down into them.

But they are fenced in.

Next up is the Lava Cascades.

And finally, I’m ready to head out to Boise, Idaho.

Expenses: $0.00 (because I had my National Parks Pass)