Got up and had breakfast with Bob and his kids. Lori left to work early. Then Misty, Lila and I headed downtown and went to a local tea shop that Graham and Rose recommended: Bufferly Herbs

Delicious pie that Misty ordered and shared with us. She cut it up into small bite size pieces before I took the picture.

Time to get to work (blog).

Misty leaves us to go to another city. Just me and Lila now taking charge of coffee and tea. Seriously the ice coffee I am having is the strongest iced coffee I’ve ever tasted.

Around lunch time we head over to the park for ‘Out to Lunch’ where local food trucks gather, live music is performed during lunch hour on Wednesdays. I pass by the Wilma Theater which showcases many famous musicians in Missoula.

We get to the park.

Walk down to the food area.

Get some Thai food from Pagoda.

Go to the grassy area and sit in the shade. The Red Chicken Curry is delicious.

A view from where we sit.

All of a sudden many of Lila’s friends during her summer job show up – now it is a party.

After my lunch I take a suggestion from Graham and grab some huckleberry icecream. Word on the street is that you must try Huckleberry when in Montana.

Oh, it is delicious!!!

We walk around to the river and look at the small rapids.

And the surfers attempting to surf them – sometimes successfully and sometimes not.

Then we goof around on the ground with the left over leaves that fall down. They look like mustaches. So we play the part.

I leave Lila with her friends, and head out to the Kettlehouse Brewery Company. Katherine’s cousin is not there or working today – bummer.

So I order a Cold Smoke. It is very very very good. I highly recommend it.

Learning about the interesting Montana drinking laws.

I order a sample of a few other beers: Double Haul IPA, Bongwater (yes, Bongwater), and Nitro Eddy Out.

I then bounce to Bayern Brewery to try what Myles suggested: the Unfiltered Pilsner Slow Pour.

Before I walk in I see these beautiful flowers around: red, white and purple (almost American).

The bar area is full so I guess I will get a table.

The menu is on the beer. Nice!

I order the slow pour

And some food.

I find out that they recycle empty beer bottles. That’s awesome.

Soon the cavalry (Myles and Graham) arrives and we start playing the card game Idiot (similar to Asshole) but less crazy.
Myles shows off his “Because Myles Said So!” expression.

The crew playing Idiot.

We bounce to a restaurant called Tamarack and get some grub.

Seafood is apparently a rarity in Missoula. Myles and Graham love it.

I get a burger that I attempt to eat but I’m really really full.

The guys are tired too and they have to get up early as well, so I say goodbye to Myles and Graham.

I head on home to Bob’s and everyone is asleep. I tip toe in and finally get to bed.

I have to say I enjoyed Missoula. Hanging out with Myles, Graham, Misty, Lila and her friends made my day. Also meeting Victoria and Dan and the circumstances that surround meeting them was eye opening. Bob, Lori and the family are just on a different level of awesome and inspiring. Their openness to hosting while raising a family and hosting multiple people has left a deep impression on me for my future of paying it forward and couchsurfing. I only hope I can live up to their standards and generosity.

Expenses: $51.75
Coffee: $2.50
Parking: $2.00
Lunch: $7.00
Candy: $2.75
Beverages: $17.50
Dinner: $20.00