Decided to sleep in for a while in the AM. Needed to catch up with some rest. 
Justin came home a little early and worked from his mega office station.

After trading a few texts back and forth with an old friend Neil we decided to meet up at Publik Coffee Shop. Neil interned for Sigma Nu Headquarters and over the years we have stayed in touch. He has helped me out a couple of times with our website when I was coding it. We met up at Publik coffee.

Ah the re-union after many years.

Never been served coffee in a beaker before.

After some good time chatting Neil heads out on his bike.

I continue to stick around and blog away. And then I meet a delightful group of strangers (Stephanie and Soren) cross the table who give me tips on places to go and visit in Salt Lake City. Unfortunately as I type this my biggest regret was a suggestion by Soren who suggested to visit the Tabernacle Choir perform on Sunday. I was late getting up on Sunday. Ugh!

Later on, I notice one of the TV anchors shows up at the coffee house and her stations film crew setup for some production.

But I can’t stay very long. Want to avoid the Friday traffic, so I head on home to Justin and Danielle. We get ready for a night in the town. But we start with some quality beer: Polygamy Porter.

Then a drive to the downtown area.

And a stop for dinner at Poplar Street Pub.

Danielle shows off her ‘wandering’ tattoo to me.

And they treat me to some delicious chili verde nachos which were quite good. And of course a few beers

We bar hop to a dive bar Cheers to You.

Get some beer and sit at one of the many interesting booths available.

And then I test their pool skills. Pool shark warning.

We continue to bar hop downtown.

Next is the bar The Green Pig.

The inseparable couple.

I order the 3 Mini Burgers with caramelized onions, bacon bits, and chipotle aioli. They hit the hunger spot – even though we just ate an hour or so ago.

We bounce around to a dualing piano bar called Tavernacle.

And enjoy the performances – actually one side of them. One of the performers isn’t very good.

Later I met up with Neil and his girlfriend Samantha and we all head over to a bar called Bar-X. One side is dark, stocked for great cocktail concoctions and the other side is sport bar-sy with lots of TVs.

Neil treated me to a Boston Sour.

And then head home for the night since we started a little early. It was fun hanging out with Neil, Samantha, Justin and Danielle. Looking forward to what tomorrow brings.

Expenses: $45.19
Coffee: $4.27
Beverages: $11.25 (Cheers)
Beverages: $29.67 (The Green Pig)