Get up in the morning and the plan is to see the Great Salt Lake (after all the city is named after it). We head out to the parking lot. I love the view of the mountain (or half in the background).

We throw our gear in the back of the SUV and head out.

Drive through the State Park check point and drive towards Antelope Island State Park: the island in the middle of the Great Salt Lake.

And begin to see and smell the Great Salt Lake. The odor is strong and smelly.

We arrive at one of the beach points.

Walk through the sands.

And I step on the Great Salt Lake. I’m a little grossed out by it so I decide touching it with my water shoes is good enough to say I touched the Great Salt Lake.

Yes, people are swimming in it.

To each his own.

Dead insects on the beach.

We get back in the car and drive up ahead to a view point on the top of Antelope Island.

The views are great.

We drive around Antelope Island and begin to see buffalo aka bison. Then why is it called Antelope Island?

Oh yeah, that’s why.

But there are more bison than antelope on the island, atleast from my prospective.

Bison are even on the beach.

After leaving Antelope Island, we head back towards the house and stop by a Mexican restaurant: Lorenas at Woods Cross.

Ready to munch down.

Looks good, but it was the worst Mexican food I’ve ever had. Instead I just ate what I could and enjoyed the salsa and chips the most.

On the way there we stop by a local produce seller and pick up some corn for dinner tonight.

The wonderful locals who setup this local farming produce 
Obligatory Karl Malone dealership photo in Utah. “I was there” … sort of … relative distance from the turn … okay not really there but visually saw it.

And then we head home for a quick power nap, and later on to the theater to see Guardians of the Galaxy.

Gotta keep this girl off her cell phone during the movie. Just kidding. Movie hasn’t started yet.

The movie was AWESOME! I highly recommend it. I was laughing my ass off. Time to head back and grill/cook some dinner.

Justin mans the grill with some marinated chicken. Danielle gets the corn and spinach.

The meal is simple and delicious.

After dinner I head out to meet my friend Ferrell who lives in LA, but is apparently in Salt Lake City to spend time with his dad. As I pull out of the parking lot I see the full moon above the mountains. Quite beautiful although the iPhone doesn’t do it justice.

I head out to downtown Salt Lake City (again) and go to Squatters.

I meet up with Ferrell and his dad, and we have a great conversation of my travels, their travels, work, life ..
It was so good to see them both. Ferrell’s dad is a Sigma Nu from Ole Miss who I gave a tour to at Lexington, Virginia when I used to work at the Headquarters.

After catching up with Ferrell and his dad, I head back home. Time to get some sleep. Tomorrow I drive to Boise, Idaho via Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve. It will be a long drive.

Shout to my hosts Justin and Danielle. You guys were awesome. Thank you for all the freebies on dinner and a movie and taking me out to Antelope Island and the smelly Salt Lake. Ferrell, bro it was good to see you and your dad. Looking forward to seeing you and Koral in LA.

Expenses: $11.55
Lunch: $11.55