Got up in the morning and told my host family about the people I met yesterday who were also couchsurfing: Victoria and Dan and their projects/life purposes and we were checking out some of the videos on the website.
If you are interesting in learning about them check out their pages

Said goodbye to Lila and headed downtown for some greasy breakfast. My friend Bill (from Portland) told me to go to The Oxford Saloon and try out the JJ. Not sure what that meant but I decided to give it a go. I love throwing caution to the wind and trying things out.

Definitely looks old school

I get eggs, hashbrowns and bacon with the special JJ gravy/sauce and it is amazing.

I wanted to hike the M after breakfast, but it started to rain. So I decided to head out to Bigfork, Montana.

I am going to be staying at Bigfork, Montana for about 4 days. My friend and fraternity brother Carl has a home there and he invited me to come down when he heard I was heading through Glacier National Park. He is a volunteer for the Educational Foundation of Sigma Nu and I met him numerous times at conferences and board meetings. He is also an avid hiker so my 550 mile trip across Spain was interesting to him and we planned to do some hikes in the area and at Glacier National Park.

I love the scenic views that I pass by.

And the mountains

And finally pass by Flathead Lake.

I arrive at Carl’s home in Bigfork.

Holy Moli it is BIG!

WHAT? They have horses??

Still driving…

This is my cabin called the Bunk House.

The various views of the Bunk House

And inside

I finally walk across to the Main House.

Walk outside to the deck and appreciate the gorgeous view.

Montana is beautiful.

I decide to walk to the river.

Just breathtaking.

All I can think about is, it is my birthday and I have been given this gift. I am almost moved to tears of how beautiful it is. Carl and his wife Linden don’t know it is my birthday since I didn’t tell them. I send him an email thanking them for this amazing gift.

I meet their house sitter Lesli and chat with her for a bit, before I head out to town and ‘hopelessly wander around’.
I stop by the downtown area and take a picture of the river and the kids jumping into it.

Carl send me some suggestions of places to eat at. I decide to stop by the Grateful Bread Cafe & Bakery.

I order a curry chicken sandwich, and head on home to eat it.

While still appreciating this beautiful view.

Finally later in the evening since Lesli is going to be around I decide to get some pizza from a restaurant called When in Rome that Carl recommended and I also grab some Spanish Rioja wine from the local supermarket.

Time to celebrate 35 with some pizza and Rioja wine.

Special shout out to Lara and Kim who Skyped with me on my birthday. I appreciate the call. It was nice to see your faces, hear your voices and reconnect with you. Your honeymoon in Vietnam is going to ROCK!

When Lesli comes back, we just sit at the porch, drinking wine and just chat about life, the Camino, and our lives. While I’m traveling and sort of alone on my birthday I am glad that I can share this experience with someone.

The sun begins to set and the colors and darkness amaze me. Montana is beautiful.

Lesli and I head back into the house and we watch the movie The Way about the Camino. Towards the end of the movie I begin to fall sleeply so I decide to go back to the Bunk House and crash. But first I have to take a bath… Yes that is a floating rubber ducky in the water.

Time for bed. Tomorrow I take on Glacier National Park and get to see Carl and Linden.

Expenses: $71.78
Breakfast: $11.25
Parking: $0.50
Gasoline: $10.01
Lunch: $7.25
Dinner: $15.00 (Pizza)
Beverages: $27.77 (two bottles of Rioja)