I get up in the morning and I have only one thing on my mind: go to Glacier National Park. There was thunder last night and it rained heavily so the weather was cool and less cloudly this morning. I wanted to take the opportunity to see Glacier National Park now before I lose the good weather offering.
I skip breakfast except for a banana and head out. Take some pictures of the scenery along the way.

Oooh .. Going to the Sun Road. I have been thinking about this road when I first read it in a Huffington Post article about One Thing You Must Do In Every State.

The entrance.

Fortunately I have a National Parks Pass so my entry fee is FREE! All I need is a park map.

The first stop I make is at Lake McDonald. It is gorgeous.

You can actually see the rocks… the water is soooo clear

A couple of stops later I get my water shoes and walk into the beautiful cool water. 

I keep on driving and see some rapids.

After walking in the Zion Narrows I want to walk through the water but I decide against it for safety reason. That current looks dangerous.

Driving to the Sun through the Clouds

I love the snow peaked mountains

The landscape is beautiful

More snow capped peaks.

Going higher and higher.

The views at Glacier National Park.

Waterfalls from the near top of the mountain all from melting ice.

The Weeping Wall.

Some info on the Going to the Sun road construction.

Panoramic views from various lookouts

Patches of unmelted ice/snow.

I can stay here looking at this view FOREVER.

I seriously wanted to stand in this waterfall, but I forgot to wear my quick dry underwear. Next time!

My friend Christina recommended that I visit Glacier National Park before the Glacier’s disappear back at Lex Coffee when I first started talking about my trip asking for suggestions. After witnessing the disappearing act and lack of them I feel very very sad.

One of the disappearing glaciers: Jackson Glacier Overlook.

I keep on driving. It is starting to get very very cloud and there is a sudden drop in temperature. A storm or heavily rain cloud must be brewing nearby.

I stop at the St. Mary Visitor Center

Glacier National Park Exhibit

The red and green to denote gone or almost gone and current glaciers. Quite sad.

I leave the Visitor Center and turn around – time to drive Going-to-the-Sun Road in the opposite direction. That cloud is nasty.

But the time I get to the Logan Pass Visitor Center in the middle of Glacier National Park, the nasty rain cloud has passed and now it is cool and clear.

Also many of the people that were hiking the Hidden Lake Nature trail at Logan’s Pass have disappeared. The parking lot was packed before. Perfect time for a hike.

I love the shimmer of the rocks. Glacier bling bling.

More views on the Hidden Lake Nature Trail.

Mountain Goat. Tagged and monitored.

I get to the lookout point of the Hidden Lake

It is beautiful up here.

I turn around and walk back. The Mountain goat has company.

Standing on what used to be a glacier.

I get stopped by a National Parks service intern asking people if they can fill a survey. Mary asks me if I have hiked longer trails before … well I did walk 550 miles across Spain, does that count? She has known and heard about the Camino and so we bond and talk about that for a while. Turns out she is from Durham, North Carolina.

I head on to the car and drive back to Big Fork. Take some carrots and feed the horses. I am glad they have begun to warm up to me. All I needed was some carrots.

Later that evening Carl and Linden arrive from the airport. Yay, I get to see and spend time with my hosts. They generous take me out for Mexican food at El Topo.

Oh yes … a pitcher of Margarita. Big smile!

Obligatory selfie.

Time to munch down.

After dinner we head back home. I’m exhausted from the long day of driving and small hike. Tomorrow morning Carl, Linden and I plan to hike again.

Expenses: $0.00
I have really generous hosts. 🙂