Got up in the morning, and Linden made us breakfast: french toast

I love the sight and smell of bacon.

… and also the taste.

After breakfast we all get in the truck and drive to the hiking spot. We are hiking up Mt Aeneas which you can see from Carl’s home.

The not soo straight loose gravel road to the top.

I have to entertain the little one.

Getting into the clouds. Look at the drive side window.

We get to the trail head and there is almost no one there.

So we begin our hike.

There is low visbility.

Wild flowers everywhere.

Carl, Linden and the dogs: Loli and Juni.

Linden likes to pick huckleberries.

More wildflowers.

The trail.

We continue walking.

We get to a bunch of rocks that remind me about the Camino.

We get close to the top but there is still some hiking left to do.

Up in the clouds, there is very little visibility. That can be a good thing – sometimes.

“SEE” what I mean.

We continue walking.

The trail sometimes gets narrower.

And visibility fainter.

But eventually we get to the top.

I find an interesting rock

And place it on the collection at the summit.

Ohm Shanti Ohm.

We begin the descent down through another trail. Descending down is a little tricky because of the loose rocks.

One the way there we comes across a patch of snow/ice.

Who wants to go skiing?

Pretty wildflowers.

We finally get to a stopping point

A log bridge by a stream.

Overlooking a pond or lake. I cannot really see due to the clouds but it does make it look mysterious.

We stick around this area for a little bit and enjoy the view and solitude.

The Berry’s tend to their dogs. Loli is a little cold. Time to warm her up.

Family Photo #1

Family photo #2

I actually taste that leaf.

The trail head is close by.

And in no time we are almost there.

Whoa … there are a lot of new hikers.

Carl has work matters to do via phone, so Linden takes the wheel. And it begins to pour

Time for an outdoor shower in rain. Yeah, they have an outdoor shower for the Bunk House and it is awesome – especially in the rain.

After a nice nap I head back to the main house. Carl and I head out to do some grocery shopping and then they begin to prepare dinner for some of their family and friends.

Oh yeah…. can’t wait to get that in my belly.

Fresh tomatoes

Dinner already looks colorful even before it is ready.

I can be responsible for the wine drinking.

And also skilled in seat warming.

The guests arrive.

More cooking

It is me, Sally, Carl, Linden, John, and Kesley

Oh yeah… I’m hungry!

After dinner we head outdoors on the deck.

And Linden starts the fire pit.

And then she hands out the amazing chocolate mousse deserts.

Oooh the fire.

What an amazing day. First a hike in the clouds and now great company and great food.

Everyone leaves early. Tomorrow we head out for a long hike to Glacier National Park. Time to go to bed so we can get up early.

Expenses: $7.60
iTunes: Aloe Blacc: Lift Your Spirit Album (fantastic music to lift your spirit)

Carl and Linden… you spoil me too much. And I don’t mind it 🙂