Got up early and headed out of the door ready for a hike. Hanging out with Carl and Linden is not only a treat … but I am eating healthier and getting back into being fit again. 
We meet up with Sally, Kelsey and John and take two vehicles. Carl drives us up to the outside of Glacier National Park. Linden and I have sleepy eyes so we nap in the car on the ride. Sorry Carl. 
Finally get there and park beside the train tracks. There are a few people here.

We walk past the train tracks.

Looks like we are hiking up the Firebrand Pass. A 4.8 mile or 7.7 km hike.

And so it begins.

John leads the way.

Various landscapes and views as we walk.

Carl and I take a selfie.

As we continue to get higher the views get prettier.

John takes off and I soon follow and break off from the group and walk solo. I begin to feel like I am on the Camino.

Patch of unmelted ice/snow.

Getting higher and higher we encounter a variety of terrain.

I love the mountains.

Stopping, turning around and looking back the journey made is one of my favorite things.

This hill path is narrow and steep but doesn’t appear very dangerous.

I love the mountains. Did I say that already?

I run into a Park Ranger and a few other people on the way, so we take a little break and chat.

Time to move on and in very little time I reach the Firebrand pass. John is already there.

You can see Glacier National Park and some of the glaciers from the Firebrand Pass point.

It was windy and cold. Time to put my fleece back on and get a picture.

The rest of the crew get there and we enjoy each others company, food, and ‘delightful’ hiking songs by Sally, Lesley and Linden.

After a short break, we leave and I walk ahead of the pack. Picture taking time!!

Berries and wildflowers.

Getting closer to the trail head. I remember these trees.

Looking back at the mountains.

I remember walking by this pond at the start. I must be very close by.

I get back to the car early and very soon am joined by Carl and John. Linden, Sally and Lesley, were stopping to pick a few berries. John has a few Canadian Kokanee beers that we break open and enjoy together. Camaraderie at its best after a 9.6 mile or 15.4 km hike. Almost close to Camino mileage 18 km+.

Yeah baby… getting hydrated 🙂

As we are drinking we enjoy two trains that roll by and wave out to them.

Linden gets back with a couple of huckleberries and Carl and I are ready to hit the road.

We stop by at the Continental Divide marker beside Glacier.

We head back home, and after a nap, it is time to head across the river to visit the neighbors.

Carl takes command of the boat.

We go across and I meet Carl’s neighbor Bill. He offers me some refreshments and using and ice picks carves the ice.

He found what looks like a wagon or an old prairie schooner, restored it and converted into a kitchen for BBQs and outdoor events.

Have to admit, it is pretty cool.

Bill is quite the restorer. He fixed Linden’s bird house. She is fully or glee at the sight of it.

I am full of glee at the sight of these delicious snacks.

Peach cobbler, what?? Let me at it.

Burgers on the grill!

The entire group relaxing and enjoying the delicious food.

That peach cobbler was delicious.

I have a wonderful conversations with Michael who is a Dominican Friar who lives in New Orleans.

At the end of the night we head back home. I get some laundry done. Tomorrow morning I get up and head over to Coeur D’Alene (pronounced core dee lane) for two nights.

Carl and Linden, you have been amazing amazing hosts. I love love love your big paradise in Montana. So far Montana has been the most beautiful state I have visited and spending time with you has been a great delightful experience. Also I probably lost a few pounds with our various hikes … which definitely is a plus!!

Expenses: $0.00