Got up in Bigfork and packed my stuff up. Filled out the little guest book for the Bunk House.

Went to the main house where Linden made some breakfast for me.

And after breakfast and goodbye to Carl and Linden, I headed out. I turned around and stopped to take some pictures before I left. This place is charming and I am so grateful for being with them.

It was a short drive to Coeur D’Alene, Idaho. I got there relatively at midday, parked my car and went to a coffee shop called Calypsos.

I find this coffee shop intriguing. One of the best internally decorated coffee shops I have been to across the country. The coffee is good/above average but the decor is fantastic and they have a business conference area too.

That’s my area/stall where I plan to catch up with blogging homework all day and evening.

Time for some lunch

After numerous blog posts it is already 6 o’clock. And the host a live mic night. So a bunch of people come up to sing.

This girl had a great voice.

This Beatles fan, should have paid me to listen to her. It was quite painful.

This girl was great too and was running the event.

Later that evening, I walked around downtown to look for a dinner spot. Decided to stop at the Iron Horse Bar and Grill. Noticed that there was a donation cup for cremation services for a past employee which I found interesting.

“Please donate any amount to get Claire’s cremation done! Thank you.”

No … I did not donate.

i just got an over priced thai chicken salad, and had to ask for more thai sauce because they really hardly put any. The Iron Horse wasn’t very good. I wouldn’t go there again – unless you were buying.

The couch surfer I was staying with texted me that he was getting off work so I headed to his house to meet him. Dan was coming back from a long shift at the hospital so he was exhausted. After some small talk he showed me around the place and it was time to go to bed.

Expenses: $71.45
Gas: $41.00
Coffee: $3.40
Lunch: $10.35
Dinner: $16.70