I sleep in as long as I can, and then walk around town to find another coffee shop instead of Calypsos. Note I enjoyed Calypsos but I wanted to try other places. So I walk around until I find Bakery by the Lake.

I order a breakfast sandwich with bacon and some coffee. The coffee is alright, but the sandwich hits the spot.

Looking at my upcoming schedule and trying to spend more time in California, I decide to revise it completely by extending it for another month (hopefully I can still afford it). YOLO right? Plus some of my friends who live in Cali will not be around when I’m passing through so I need to flex my schedule around.

After spending a lot of time staring at google map, I decide I need a break and should walk around Coeur D’Alene.

I talk to the lady beside me who is hacking away at her laptop to get some suggestions. Mara gives me some suggestions of things I can do, and places I can go eat at. But really outside the water activities on the lake, biking or hiking, and the bar scene there is not much to do in Coeur D’Alene. Co-incidentally enough Mara also has traveled with her husband across part of the States and Canada before settled down in Coeur D’Alene so we share some travel notes and stories. I love running into current or past travelers on the journey.

I walk around downtown.

And pass by pizza restaurant I’ve heard suggested by people more than a couple of times: Fire.

They put cucumber in your water and it takes delicious.

I decide to go with local favorite and lunch special: Thai pizza and Salad.

Both look and taste great.

After diving into the Thai pizza, I realize that is truly one of the best pizza’s I’ve ever tasted across the country. The other place is Sauced in Staunton, Virginia.

After a good meal, it is time to walk around. I head towards the Lake and notice I am nearby the world’s largest floating boardwalk. Note I said ‘floating’ … boardwalk.

Time to walk around

The other side of the lake.

On my side is a marina.

Making a turn.

And another turn.

Now looking at the marina side. Hope you are enjoying this play-by-play.

Finally done with the world largest boardwalk. Maybe about a 10-15 minute walk with stoppage time for pictures and moments of silent appreciation.

After the boardwalk I start walking toward Calypsos Coffee. Notice the interesting metal art work.

Back at Calypsos coffee, I grab a smoothie and continue working on rescheduling itinerary. I also notice the following sign that cracks me up.

Around dinner time I head back to meet up with my couchsurfing host Dan. We are planning to head to dinner since he got off work early. As I walk back home .. I take a picture of the murals. I love murals.

We go around the block to a restaurant: Capone’s that Mara mentioned.

Dan and I getting a beer.

Ambience of Capone’s.

Dan and I start talking to the guy beside me as well. Adam moved to this area a few years ago and gives us his thoughts on living here.

Dan is heading home and Adam and I decide to continue to venture out in Coeur D’Alene and bar hop a little. More murals.

So we venture out to Crafted Tap House & Kitchen and try some beers

Later on we went to another popular local bar and played some pool

On one of my bathroom breaks I noticed that the bathroom was a vault. So I guess this establishment was once a bank.

I had a good evening with Dan and Adam. Thank you for hosting me for two nights Dan and generously treating me to dinner. Thank you Adam for drinks at the last bar and the good rounds of pool. You both were great company.

Expenses: $33.14
Breakfast: $7.21
Coffee: $12.60
Dinner: $5.29
Beverages: $6.04
Pool: $2.00