Got up and went to Bakery by the Lake for some breakfast and coffee. Wrote a blog post and then headed out to drive to Seattle.

Passing by the mountains of Seattle.

Finally get to my stop in Salmon Bay Marina in Seattle. My friend Ellie from Lexington introduced me to her friend Bill who lives in Madison, Wisconsin when I needed a place to stay in Madison. After spending two days with Bill, we became friends and now Bill introduced me to Paul from Seattle. And Paul offered me a place to stay on his restored wooden boat: the Afton (1935). All I had to do is meet him at the Salmon Bay Marina around 5-6 PM.

It is around 10 AM … so in my excitement I got there a little earlier. That’s where I will be sleeping tonight. 🙂 All smiles!

I walk around till I find the nearest coffee shop: Cafe Appassionato

They roast their own coffee here.

The coffee is above average. Sandwich is good and now it is time to knock off some blog posts. A lot to catch up on.

I like the coffee cup.

I meet up with Paul around 4:30 PM

And we check out his little baby: the Afton. Yes she is beautiful.

We decide to have a boat picnic on the Afton while boating across the rivers of Seattle. First stop is the Green Market & Deli at the nearby Fisherman’s Terminal for some local beers.

And then some food: salmon and rockfish tacos and clam chowder soup

Walk around the Fisherman’s Terminal

A tribute to all the fisherman’s who have lost their lives at sea.

The fisherman boats.

Back at the Afton’s we climb on board.

Paul gets untethers the boat

And we are off.

Navigational equipment working: check!

Table is set.

Love the bottle opener

Passing by bridges.

Cheers mate!

Love the personalized glasses: Afton

Paul feels at home behind the wheel.

Time for some dinner

Paul gives me a brief history of the Afton from its origins till now.

The view of the Seattle skyline

The iconic Space Needle.

Random rowing picture along the way.

Time for me to try some driving.

Everyone move out… I need some personal space.

The $$$ homes on the bay.

I love looking back at the Seattle skyline

Sun is going down as we pass through the Montlake Cut

Husky Football stadium at the University of Washington.

We turn around and head back. And I grab these pitures as the sun goes down.

We turn into the Salmon Bay Marina.

And begin the docking process.

Time to celebrate with some Single Malt Scotch Whiskey.

After the drink Paul heads out, and so do I to visit the Ballard area of Seattle.

They have a board game shop that they are joined to. People go to the board game place, check a board game out and bring it over to the bar/coffee place to play. This group is playing Cards against Humanity

I order some snacks

I head over to MacLeod’s to get some whiskey.

And off to another bar and then back home. Time to sleep on the boat. I’m thrilled about the opportunity. Thank you again Ellie, Bill and Paul.

Expenses: $72.31
Breakfast: $8.21
Coffee: $8.49
Dinner: $10.00
Beverages: $11.27 (Fisherman’s Green Market)
Beverages: $16.34 (Card Kingdom, Inc.)
Beverages: $13.00 (MacLeod’s)
Beverages: $5.00