Got up early and headed to the coffee shop nearby for breakfast, coffee and blogging.

Sat by the actual roaster and watched the roasting process.

Then I decided to walk from Salmon Marina Bay to Downtown Seattle. My friends told me I’m crazy but they don’t know the threshold of walking distances for a person who has done the Camino.

I approached the Space Needle first and have visited it before the last time I was in Seattle.

I continue on to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and tour their Visitors Center.

Began looking at the money they donate to water projects since my friend Shilpa runs a non-profit called Surge for Water that operates in impoverished nations to see if she was on the list. But she wasn’t. I texted her to find out more details and I was surprised by the reasons.

As I was walking around I came across a staff person at the Visitors Center. After speaking to Janet and inquiring about their funding process since I think a partnership between Bill and Melinda Gates and Surge for Water would be a good idea, I learn about some other possibilities and opportunities. Hopefully the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will take a look at Surge for Water’s past and current work and consider a partnership.

After a wonderful, inspiring and great learning experience I decide to leave the Visitor’s Center and walk Seattle some more.

Next stop is at Top Pot Doughnuts.

I got a Chocolate Feather Boa Doughnut (donut).

Also found out President Barack Obama stopped here for one.

Then I headed to the Harbor Steps

And then walked the Harbor to the Public Market Area

Pike Place Fish Market. Been here before but still had to do it again.

Walked around and then went to the first Starbucks Coffee location.

The line was long so I didn’t go inside, but I have been there before.

I left the Public Market area, walked around some more and stopped by another Coffee Shop: Storyville Coffee.

Since I was well caffeinated, I decided to get some Italian soda instead.

After the first one, I was extremely satisfied and just had to get another.

And also a treat.

But then the staff came around and started giving free samples. What this is FREE?

The wonderful staff of my Storyville Coffee location. Thoroughly enjoyed the Italian soda and the dessert experience.

I left Storyville Coffee and walked by the Safeco Field: where the Seattle Mariners play

Across the field is the Pyramids Alehouse where I was going to meet the newly weds Adam and his wife: Nesha. Adam and I worked together at Sigma Nu Fraternity Headquarters and Adam still continues to work for them.

Few moments later we are reunited and it is time to celebrate with dinner and drinks.

After a lot of time catching up we drive back to the Ballard Area of Seattle

Passing by the CenturyLink Field: where the defending Superbowl Champs, the Seattle Seahawks play.

Downtown Seattle

Finally at the Ballard area, we walk around and decide to get some drinks and desert at The Hi-Life

Adam and Nesha tell me about this great way to save money by NOT parking at the airport and instead outside the airport at a cheaper lot. So I sign up for it. Thank you, you not only generously bought me dinner but saved me $50+ on 4 days of parking fees. AWESOME!!

Adam and Nesha at the outdoor firepit.

Desert I ordered

The three of us.

After the Hi-Life they dropped me off at the Salmon Bay Marina. I said my goodbyes to them and hit the bed. I have to get up early tomorrow to catch a plane to New Orleans for my high school friend Savio’s wedding. Need to get some zzz’s.

Thank you Ellie, Bill and mostly Paul for the place to stay. I terribly enjoyed staying at the Afton. I think the gentle boat rocking on the water made me feel like a baby cradled to sleep and lie as still as a rock I did. Adam and Nesha thank you for showing me around Seattle, for dinner and mostly for your company. It is always good to see friends in the area and reconnect. Congrats on the nuptials. I’m excited for both of you.

Expenses: $42.48
Coffee: $3.83
Candy: $2.07
Breakfast: $9.21
Dinner: $20.79
Coffee: $6.58