Got up early, showered and changed and said goodbye to the Afton.

I drove to the Park n Jet parking lot. Filled up the tank with gas and gave them my money. I am so glad that I found this out from Adam and Nesha.

Got to the Seattle airport on early and started blogging for the limited time I had.

Then got on the plane and said goodbye to Seattle, Washington.

On the plane, I talked to my neighbor Brandy who was reading a book that I had read years ago: The China Study. We talked about it for a while and found we had a number of things in common.

Finally I get to see the New Orleans (Big Easy). It has been a long time Louisiana.

While we arrived at the gate, Alaska Airlines announced that they would have our bags 20 minutes after we arrive at the gate or we could get compensation. Then they proceeded to unload our bags while we waited for the door to open. After 30 minutes of waiting we were moved to a different gate. I guess technically we didn’t arrive at our gate since the door wasn’t opened so we couldn’t apply for compensation.

I get picked up by my friend Deric and Robin who are hosting me at their home in Slidell during my stay in the Big Easy. I met Deric and Robin through my friend Wes when we went to watch a Saints game in Nashville, Tennessee. Since then we kept in touch via facebook.

When we arrive at their place, I noticed the solar panels on their roof and love it. Didn’t realize Louisiana was getting a little more progressive with solar technology.

And then I am greeted with an assortment of local and relatively local beer. YESSSSS!


And then Robin begins whipping out the delicious Southern cooking.

Crawfish Casserole

Pecan crusted catfish

Green beans

Garlic Bread

One thought in my mind: “Get in my belly!”

Amazing homemade chocolate pie.

I’m stuffed. We lounge about in the living room while I get some laundry done. And enjoy a little play time with their Dachshund Lola.

I talk about my adventures across the United States and Spain and catch up with what they are doing with their lives. And then call it night.

I am excited about being in New Orleans for my high school friend Savio’s wedding and excited to see Deric and Robin. Thank you for the introduction back in the day Wes. Amazing home cooked food, lovely local beer and great conversation. A good start to a New Orleans adventure.

Expenses: $92.44
Gas: $32.40
Parking: $32.74
Baggage Fees: $25.00
Coffee: $2.30