Got up in the morning and Robin begins cooking mozarella and pepperoni sticks. Me likey! Very much soo!!

Not the healthiest breakfast but definitely delicious.

I decide to stay indoors until my 5:55 PM flight. I attempt to catch up on some blogging and get some writeups done. We leave a little early to catch my plane. Plus Deric and Robin are going to the open Saints practice session – I’m jealous.

They drop me off at the airport and I say my goodbyes to them. Cannot thank them enough for being amazing hosts. I wish I could stay there longer. Robin’s cooking is amazing.

No sooner I walk into the airport and get checked in do I see some of my friends from the wedding: Lenin and Gavin. Co-incidence, maybe?

After saying goodbye to them I head over to my gate and wait for the invisible plane.

Once the plane arrives I get to my seat. Once the doors are closed me and my neighbor realize that we have an empty middle seat. Whoopie. #winning.

The plane takes off from New Orleans, heading to Seattle. Goodbye Big Easy – until late October.

Goodbye Mississippi River.

Hello beautiful horizon

The sun begins to set right between a cloud. The top of the cloud is completely blue. The bottom of the cloud shows the beautiful colors of yellow, orange, red and black. It was amazing to see out of my airplane window.

And then disaster strikes. I realize that my jeans have been torn near the back inner thigh area. Not sure for how long it has been this way but it is sort of embarrassing and funny at the same time. Glad I have a second pair of jeans around.

More sunsets. And then I notice a small mountain peak on the horizon.

After a while of getting close it appears to be Mt. Rainer – that is the consensus of the flight attendants.

I finally arrive at the Seattle airport. I get my bags with no problems, and grab a coffee. Go to my island and get picked up by the Park n Jet shuttle to pick my car. And in 15 minutes I’m driving to Portland, Oregon to see my friend Bill.

3 hours later I arrive in Portland and am reunited with Bill. Bill is a Sigma Nu who used to intern for Staff. I met him briefly while he was there and we stayed in touch via fb. He also helped me out on my travels with references of things to do and people I could stay with.

I grab out the wedding favor from Savio’s wedding in New Orleans.

And we celebrate our reunion together.

It is about 2 AM, and we really need to go to bed. Tomorrow we plan to hike on Saddle Mountain near the Oregon coast.

Expenses: $33.30
Baggage Fees: $25.00
Dinner: $6.00
Coffee: $2.30