After a few hours from Crater Lake National Park, I finally get to Lavon’s home in Terrebonne, Oregon. I reunited with her about a week ago at our childhood friend Savio’s wedding. I also met her wonderful husband Dexter … I mean Brian. He is Dexter – minus the serial killer part.

So good to see Lavon again … even though it is only one week later.

She had some keema (I hope I spelled it correctly) left over. YESSSS … Indian food.

Get in my belly… Nom Nom Nom … Delicious with the green chillies too. πŸ™‚

And fresh veggies from Brian’s parents farm.

And delicious Oregon Pinot Noir. Really really good Pinot Noir.

Lavon, I and the kids hung out and I played and talked with them (the kids). Later the kids went off to bed and Brian came home and we all hung out around in the living and chatted about various things while Brian gave me suggestions of places to visit in Oregon on route to San Francisco including in Terrebonne, Oregon. Not to mention he did show off some cool features on his big TV.

I didn’t take a picture of Brian all night so I caught one of him filling coffee for the morning. That will have to do for the blog.

The next morning I spent time with the kids (Edison and Sahalie) showing them my video of jumping into Crater Lake. They are adorable. Brian and Lavon were probably shaking their heads thinking are we sure we want to encourage them to do that in the future… Too late. πŸ™‚

After some coffee and a bagel, it is time to hit the road. Brian gave me some suggestions of places near by to check out: Smith Rock State Park. And then I plan to head to Umpqua Hot Springs which Brittany (the girl I met at the Crater Lake) recommended.
It is so good to see people that you know on the road – even if it is briefly. I enjoyed seeing Lavon at Savio’s wedding and meeting Brian. And reuniting after a week it felt great seeing them again. Brian is awesome. After staying at their home for the night I felt re-energized after the long day at Crater Lake. Their kids are just adorable – their cute voices, their inquisitive minds, and their friendliness. Thank you for the delicious keema and the Oregon wine – and your hospitality.
Expenses: $0.00