So after breakfast at Lavon’s and Brian’s, I head out to their first suggestion: Smith Rock State Park to see the rock formations. Apparently this park is a very very popular climbing area.

I park in the parking lot and walk to one of the edges and get a view of the rock formations. The picture is a little dark since the sun it just coming out.

The three sister mountains in the background.

Then I head out of the park and get a long view of the rock formations from afar.

Time to head towards to the Umpqua Hot Springs that a new friend Brittany suggested. It was near Crater Lake National Park – about 40 mins away and in the Umpqua National Forest. I finally get to the trail head.

It appears to be a short walk to there.

But first I have to fill out a parking pass for $5.00

And then there is the nudity warning signs.

Time to cross the bridge

Over the river

And walk on the trail.

Up the hill

Past the trees

Long fall down.

And finally to the springs.

Only one person here. It is around 10 AM and he is definitely nude.

I’m excited to get into one of the nearby pools.

Hot water from one pool flows down to the other.

Ahhh that feels great.

More pools to try out.

I walk down to the base of the hot springs using a rope so as not to slip.

I love the rock colors.

Ahhh that feels good.

After about an hour soaking and experimenting with various pool and their different temperatures I clean up, and head back to the car. Time to go to San Francisco, California. A long drive there – about 7 to 8 hours.

I was debating whether I should go to the Umpqua Hot Springs or not. It was a long drive to the Bay Area of San Francisco and I wanted to get there early. I didn’t know the next time I would be back in Oregon so the chance to do something like this was absolutely something I should take. And I am glad I did. Seeing the Smith Rock State Park was good too since it was only 7 minutes away and wasn’t too much of a deviation from my trip. I just wish the pictures turned out better – because it was pretty to look at.

Expenses: $5.00
State Park Parking Fee: $5.00