After getting up early in Oregon I headed out to San Francisco Bay Area – specifically Alameda to see one of my good friends Dave and his wife Maggie. I know Dave during his college days in Lexington, Virginia at Washington and Lee University. We kept in touch as he moved to DC where he met Maggie and then they eventually moved to the Bay Area.

9 hours later I meet up with Dave during the sunset at Alameda.

After unpacking some gear, moving in, and changing we go out to Calafia Taqueria for some Mexican food burritos.

And then we take our food to a bar called Fireside. Yes, we take our food there since The Fireside Lounge doesn’t actually serve food but they allow you to bring your food from the Taqueria over.

After reviewing the California beer list.

I get some beer and spend quality time with the Croushures

And dig into those burritos

We bar hop to 1400 Bar and Grill.

And spend more quality time together.

Tomorrow it is off to Oakland to get Dave’s Ironman packet since he is going to swim, bike and run on Sunday, and I am also going to hang out with a Sigma Nu friend Bowen at his friend’s pool party.

It was a long day driving. Glad I finally made it to San Francisco and just seeing Dave and Maggie and walking around Alameda was refreshing. Lots to learn about the Bay Area. I’m grateful I have a place to stay, good company for the next four nights and also a free parking spot.

Expenses: $91.26
Gas: $37.50
Dinner: $9.87 (Burger King)
Dinner: $8.67 (Calafia Taqueria)
Beverages: $30.22