Dave and I wake up in the morning and walk by the park near his house in Alameda.

We head over to WesCafe for some coffee and breakfast.

The breakfast is amazing and the coffee is strong.

Dave and I head back through the park via the long route to enjoy the view of the Bay Area.

And also notice the beautiful brown grass as a result of the drought.

Later we bounce to a local wine company: Rock Wall Wines that Dave and Maggie are wine club members.

Having a good time catching with Dave about everything and enjoying some good wine.

And enjoying the skyline view of San Francisco.

Lots of space at this wine company.

We drive down a little further and try out the brewery Faction Brewing.

We head out to Oakland to pick up Dave’s triathlon packet.

We walk by the line of boats at the Marina.

I like this part of Oakland.

And then we go to the coffee shop that Dave and Maggie have been talking about having the best and most strongest coffee: Blue Bottle Coffee

They have customized milk carton

I order a iced coffee.. and boy am I wired up after it.

After the caffeine boost we head over towards Walnut Creek to meet my Sigma Nu friend and ex-coworker Bowen. He and I worked at Sigma Nu Headquarters together. I haven’t seen this guy for ages and he gave me great advice of places to visit as I traveled the country and since he was in the Bay Area I definitely wanted to reconnect with him.

His friends are having a pool party.

Everyone is having a good time.

Vodka infused Gummy Bears

It is making its way across the pool.

Jumping in the pool is a thing everyone is doing.

Some is passed out. No it wasn’t the beer… but it sure looks that way.

And then eating begins.

Grill master doing his thing.

I decide that it is time to jump in the pool.

And now I shall levitate over the water.

That didn’t last long.

Aaaaah that feels good.

After the pool party we head back home. Maggie is finished with some of her work so it is time to just lounge about and drink some wine.

But first important decisions need to be made.


Celebrating friendship and also our buddy Fabrice’s elopement in Washington, DC.

Yum! Especially with red wine.

Fantastic Day in Alameda, Oakland and Walnut Creek.

Reflections: I am so grateful for Dave taking me around the Bay Area, taking me to coffee shops, the wine company brewery, showing me the skyline of San Francisco, and hanging out with me at the pool party. It was also so good to see Bowen after all these years. We caught up, talked Sigma Nu shop and about the San Francisco area.

Expenses: $40.45
Coffee: $12.45 (WesCafe)
Beverages: $5.00 (Faction Brewery)
Coffee: $8.00 (Blue Bottle Coffee)
Misc: $15.00