We woke up early in the morning for Dave’s triathlon. It is the first one Oakland has every hosted. And got to the car.

At the starting point Dave enters and begins to setup.

Changing into his classic W&L gear

First part is the swim

Ready, Set, Go…

And they are off.

His shoes are set to pick up after he gets done with the swim.

Whoa… there he is.

He arrives at the bike rack, gets out his bike, run to the starting point …

and time to dodge the pot holes of Oakland.

While Dave is cycling Maggie and I grab some breakfast at World Ground Cafe.

The food wasn’t very good and took forever to come out even though we were the first in line.

After a quick breakfast and coffee we head over to watch the cyclists come in and after a wait we finally we see Dave.

Parking his bike and getting ready for the run.

And finally he is done. And happy to be done.

We head back home. I take a nap while Dave showers and we all go out and enjoy a beverage at Faction Brewing. While there we meet some other people who also finished the triathlon and we share a beer and conversation with them: Jim and Tracy. It turns out Tracy did a summer program at WLUR at W&L back in the day. Small world.

Maggie and Dave (and Porter – their Corgie) drive me to the Ferry stop in Alameda.

I’m excited to take the Ferry into San Francisco and see my friend Heather who I met in Lexington and moved to San Francisco. It has been a long time since she left Lexington that I have seen her. We’ve kept in touch over the years and through text and facebook (when she was on facebook).

I’m pretty excited though to be on this ferry.

This wait is killing me.

There you are.

And it take off and I enjoy the various views of the Bay Area.

One of the bridges we pass by

Alcatraz Island

And finally I arrive at the San Francisco Fisherman’s Wharf on Pier 41.

Another look at the Vallejo ferry boat.

And Pier 41

And then I am reunited with Heather. We walk around San Francisco

And up some steep hills.

And to the famous Lombard street. Lombard Street is an east–west street in San Francisco, California. It is famous for having a steep, one-block section that consists of eight tight hairpin turns.

Heather and I with an obligatory selfie.

We walk by the some big church with beautiful architecture.

And then into the Italian neighboorhood of North Beach. We decide to sit out and dine and Calzones.

We some bruschetta

And a bottle of champagne

Haven’t seen her in ages and already catching up really quick. I love friendships like that.
Later in the evening we planned to meet up with Dave, Maggie and my friend Marc from Germany who I met in Dubai in 2008 when I had to self-deport. Marc is also coming with his wife Emilie and their son Max.
Heather and I catch an Uber ride to the restaurant.

Since we get there early we decide to grab a few drinks at Des Amis Cafe.

She gets more champagne but I need some beer.

Later Dave and Maggie joins us..

And shortly after it is dinner time next door at an Asian Fusion place called Betelnut. Max makes a big line to Maggie and she is his new best friend.

Oh my … the food is incredibly delicious. I wish I captured all that we ate.

I only remembered to take photos during the dessert session.

 The entire group.

After saying goodbye to Heather, Marc, I, Dave and Maggie have a cocktail and then we head back home. We take the ferry back and enjoy the beautiful lights on one of the bridges. Interestingly enough these lights only display on one side of the bridge. The other side is pitch black.

Today was a long and full day. I completely enjoyed by time with Dave and Maggie at the triathlon. It was great to see Dave swim, bike, run and finish and root for him and the other triathletes. It was also fantastic to see Heather and spend time with her showing me San Francisco. See Marc and his family since 2008 was another treat. And having dinner with all of them at the same time was just a great feeling. I need to do more dinners with various groups of friends.

Expenses: $132.24
Ferry Rides (x2): $12.50
Lunch: $31.67 (Calzones)
Beverages: $28.07 (Cafe Des Amis)
Dinner: $60.00 (Betelnut)