After a wonderful night in San Francisco yesterday, I wake up to a wonderful breakfast.

The plan for today is to go to Hiero Day: Hip Hop Music Festival in Oakland. And the concert is FREE.

Waiting in line as the Fire Marshal clears the venue for entry.

The drones have arrived.

Once we clear the entry point we head out to the main brewery and get some refreshments

Listening to some small time performances that are actually quite good.

There is a train flying through the background of one of the performances. How cool!

I notice some Paella being made with the Spanish flag proudly flying.

Reminiscing about my time in Spain and also my good friend Fernando making some authentic Spanish Paella.

I decide against the Paella and instead try some Fist of Flour Pizza.

And it is pretty good.

A DJ mixing in a Red Bull Hummer. Interesting.

The crows and venue around us.

Dave and Maggie niece is also enjoying the music festival.

A skate board area.

And some people showing off their dunking skills

More concert areas.

After a while we decide to head on out and leave the concert and drive around the other parts of Oakland We head over to Lake Merritt and enjoy the sunshine, weather and scenery at the Boat Landing & Docks.

After a cocktail we head over to Trader Joes and then back home and Dave gets to work preparing dinner.

That was delicious.

The hip hop festival was interesting and good at the same time. The people from Oakland are extremely diverse in many areas. It sort of reminds me of Portland in a way. I’m so grateful for Dave and Maggie hosting me these past few days and shuttling me around to various areas. They have been great hosts. Dinner and Rioja wine were excellent as well.
Expenses: $36.98
Hip Hop Festival Beverages: $25.00
Dinner: $11.98