Got up in the morning, said goodbye to Maggie and then dropped off Dave off at Pandora HQ. And then drove towards San Francisco and enjoyed the bumper to bumper traffic. 

I met up with my friend Marc from Dubai and we discussed the possibility of working for 3 Monkeys part time as a contract gig. After a good conversation I walked around and decided to get some Chinese food at Hunan Empire Restaurant.

Got the lunch special. Food was good great and well priced.

And I enjoyed the fortune cookie.

I walked around after lunch and decided to buy a traditional postcard for a friend.

As I was heading back to the car I passed this sign on the street.

“Don’t even think of parking here”

After a short drive, I drove over the Golden Gate bridge and visited my friend Bob in Mill Valley. I met Bob during my time at Sigma Nu HQ. He was a volunteer for the Fraternity and was and still is their Grand Historian. Great guy and now distinguished with the Hall of Honor award.

We decide to head out to see the sights: the Golden Gate Bridge. Bob is driving me around. Wish me luck.

We head over to the Golden Gate National Recreation Area and take a few pictures of the Golden Gate bridge.

Then go visit the Horseshoe Bay and get some more closer pictures.

And then drive back to the house to pick up his wife Paulette. On the way there we see this ginormous boat.

Looks like Bob has other visitors at home too.

Paulette, Bob and I head over to Joe’s Taco Lounge for dinner.

We get some Jarritos.

I love that they have various sauces beside each table.

Totally ready to much down on those tacos. Thank you for the wonderful treat.

Look at the lovely couple.

Paulette volunteers for the Mill Valley Public Library, so after dinner we swing by for a tour.

The library is impressive. Quite impressive. I love the technology around, the look of the library, the outdoor patio, and the fact they take back used books and resell them.

We head back home and Bob and I have a couple of glasses of wine using his Sigma Nu Eta Kappa 50 Anniversary commemorative wine glass.

And then it is off to bed.
Driving into San Francisco was an entertaining adventure. Traffic was ridiculous getting to the bridge but after the toll gate it was smooth sailing. I did enjoy driving up and down the steep grades hills. It was great to see and talk to Marc again. Looking forward to returning to San Francisco soon. And passing through the Golden Gate Bridge was neat but seeing it from afar and learning a little of the history with Bob was impressive. I am grateful for Bob showing me around town and the views. I loved Joe’s tacos and the company of Bob and Paulette including their generosity of dinner and staying at their home. I loved the Mill Valley public library. Totally something I would go visit instead of a coffee shop.
Bob is going to show me a little more of the Bay Area again. I am excited.
Expenses: $12.40
Lunch: $8.91 (Hunan Empire Restaurant)
Books: $0.54
Coffee: $2.95