Got up in the AM and Bob and I headed out Mt. Tamalpais for the view.

When we got to the top we hit a small trail.

And then at the overlook point the view of the Bay Area is incredible.

A small patch of cloud spoils the view and prevents us from seeing the ocean as well but what we see is still amazing.

We drive to the little tourist trap town of Sausalito – and we go to a taco place.

Bob is seriously studying the menu.

Those tacos were good. Thanks for lunch Bob.

We head towards one of the yatch harbors and get a view of the boats. If you zoom into the panorama picture you can actually see the one that looks like the Taj Mahal.

We continue driving around Sausalito.

And go back up to the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. The weather is more clear and the views are beautiful.

We continue driving towards the old military area on Clydes Ridge, look at where the old large guns were placed at and take some pictures of the shoreline.

We continue driving till we arrive near Point Bonita Lighthouse. There is another old and abandoned military point here.

I definitely don’t want to mess with these signs.

A path downhill to a bunker. Reminds me of LOST.

A short walk and we get to Battery Mendell.

The views of ocean and scenery from Battery Mendell are beautiful and expansive.

After the tour of Battery Mendell we head back home. I take a short nap and then I take the ferry into San Francisco to see one of my extended family members: Rommel. I am very excited about seeing him.

Good ‘ol American flag hides the sun setting.

We drive past Alcatraz

And there it is downtown San Francisco.

After docking at the San Francisco Ferry Building I meet up with Rommel. So good to see him. The last time I saw him was when he first came to the US and went to the University of Missouri, Rolla.

We head out to E’Tutto Qua for Italian food.

Our servers are a little over the top on their Italian accents. It is annoyingly fun.

First cocktails.

And then dinner: lamb.

Great company with Rommel and Nikki. So happy to spend time and have dinner with family.

After dinner we walk around and decide to bar hop a little. As I am walking by I notice a little smoke shop called Ali Baba Smoke Shop. I can probably find a replacement for my stolen hookah here.

The famous TransAmerica Pyramid building at night.

We go into a bar called Vesuvio and grab some cocktails.

And then bounce to 15 Romolo @ The Basque Hotel. Already making me think of Spain and Basque country.

I think I love this bar.

Apparently the Corpse Reviver #1 is the drink to get.

After the cocktails Rommel drives me back home. Tomorrow I drive to Napa and Sonoma Valley.

My second day seeing the sites with Bob was amazing. The view near the top of Mt Tamalpais was amazing. I just wish those clouds so we could see the ocean. Driving through the Golden Gate National Recreation Area and seeing the old military batteries were awesome too. But most of all reconnecting with extended family: Rommel in San Francisco was amazing. We hadn’t seen each other for maybe 13 years and it just felt like yesterday we saw each other as we caught up in each others lives. Also Bob and Rommel thank you for the generous lunch and dinner treats.

I am so grateful that Bob and Paulette let me stay over their home. They are such great hosts and generous people. 

Expenses: $34.75
Ferry: $10.75
Beverages: $24.00 (Vesuvio)