After getting my car serviced I found out that Matt an ex-coworker with Sigma Nu was near Reno in Carson City (about 25 minutes away). So I drove to see him. 
Reunions with past Sigma Nu staff are always AWESOME!

We head out to Lake Tahoe.

And stopped at the Logan Shoals Vista Point.

And walked to the overlook.

And some obligatory pics.

As we were walking around we noticed a trail that led to the bottom below so we followed it.

And we go to the lake.

The water is definitely cold and rocks are slippery. I wish I took my water shoes with me.

We sat on some rocks and stared across the lake to the mountains around.

As we stepped out of the lake we saw some rocks piled up and decided to add to the collection.

And then we headed back up the hill.

Water is soo blue. Not as dark as Crater Lake National Park but pretty close.

We head over to one of the restaurants and grab a bite to eat and enjoy some Sigma Nu time.

After lunch we drive back to his hotel room and say goodbye. He has to prep for some phone calls and chapter meetings tomorrow and I go and watch the Federer vs Cilic game at Buffalo Wild Wings which was not fun at all.

And then I head back to Reno to meet up with my friends Dave and Harriet.

Seeing Matt was fantastic. There is a camaraderie among the past and current Sigma Nu staff that is unspoken. It was just great to see a familiar face, do some sight seeing and hiking. I didn’t plan on seeing Lake Tahoe but glad I did. Also thank you Matt for driving and for picking up lunch. I’m glad we found that trail that lead to the lake.

Expenses: $7.72
Beverages: $7.72