We all wake up around 3:45 AM. Time to see the Great Reno Balloon Race.

On the drive there we see a lot of cars on the road.

We park and begin the walk towards Rancho San Rafael Regional Park.

The Dawn Patrol begins to fill their balloon with air and begin to light it up.



The skyline of Reno at dawn

The balloons take fight

And they glow

While all of us are snuggled in our blankets.

The sun is slowly rising.

After the sunrise every begins to move around and walk around the area.

The other balloons beginning to setup.

And the official race sign

The beautiful sun rises above the mountains of the city of Reno.

And we head back to the car.

And drive back to the house while the rest of the balloons inflate.

I head over to Jiffy Lube and get my oil change, tire rotation and some other car services.

In the meantime I head over to Sparks Coffee Shop: which is a Mexican restaurant and get some delicious Mexican breakfast.

After my car is serviced I head over to Carson City for a renuion with Matt a consultant from Sigma Nu HQ and a trip to Lake Tahoe. And then I drive back to another reunion with my friends Dave and Harriet who flew down from Roanoke, Virginia to see the Balloon Festival the next day.

We head over to Grand Sierra Resort and Casino to walk the Virginia Tech and Ohio State game. They are big Hokie fans and I support for the Hokies as my second team since I’ve lived in Southwest Roanoke for ages.

First some drinks.

And then a little Mexican food while we watch the game.

Still can’t believe the Virginia Tech Hokies won. Blacksburg must have been going NUTS by now. An awesome start to their season.

I head on home to Zach’s house for my final night there.

It was difficult to get up early in the morning but watching the 6 balloons of the Dawn Patrol light up before sunrise was simply amazing. Finally get my car serviced and some of the additional fixes it needed put me at ease. Finally got all the servicing done. And seeing Dave and Harriet after a long time, watching the game with them and the Virginia Tech win was a wonderful treat. I am very grateful for Zach and his dad allowing me to crash at their home and taking us couchsurfers to watch the Dawn Patrol.

Expenses: $317.23
Breakfast: $16.36
Maintenance: $249.93
Maintenance: $24.58
Gas: $35.00