I got up early in the morning again just after sunrise. Since I saw the Dawn Patrol yesterday I figured out what I would see what happens after and meet up with Dave and Harriet again.

I wake up take pictures of Zach’s dad place. Such a wonderful home filled with great memories and hospitality.

And I head out to the Rancho San Rafael Regional Park to see the various balloons in the air.

Yeah he was there too.

I met up with Dave and Harriet again. They got there earlier to see the Dawn Patrol as I the day before.

We head back to their hotel for some ‘free’ breakfast.

And then back to the Grand Sierra Resort and Casino to watch the Saints – Falcons game.

At the half we are all smiling.

We head back over to the Catina restaurant since the bar area is very very smoky. And watch the rest of the game. Second half was a disaster and the Saints lost. Ugh. Least my food tasted good.

We head on out of the Casino. Harriet cashes her winnings.

I say goodbye to them and head towards my campground at Mariposa to see Yosemite National Park. They are also going to go to Yosemite – Mariposa area the next day so I will definitely run into them around dinner time.

Watching the balloons rise and seeing the variations during the day time was great but the Dawn Patrol still stole the show. Hanging out with Dave and Harriet was definitely refreshing. It is great to see friends on the road, spend time with them and create memories together. I cannot wait to see them again in the Mariposa – Yosemite area. And getting a ‘free’ breakfast was also awesome.
Expenses: $18.66
Race & Sports Bar: $9.12
Lunch: $9.54